The Different Types Of Investor Leads

What is an investor lead?

An investor lead is a kind of sales lead. In simple words, an investor lead can be described as an individual or person that possibly has interest in taking part in an investment; and can also be the beginning part of an investment process.

Investor leads are believed to possess some disposable earnings which they can use to take part in suitable investment opportunities in order to obtain return on investments such as interest, asset appreciation, profit sharing and dividend.
Usually, investor lead lists are generated via investor newsletter subscriptions, investment surveys or via companies raising capital as well as trading the database of individuals who showed an interest in their offering. Also, lead brokers like FNIN, Harris Info Source,, and several others, sell investor lead lists to companies and businesses.
Typically, investor lead lists are utilized by small and mid-size businesses trying to fund their new undertakings or simply requiring expansion funds which cannot easily be sourced from traditional lending institutions like banks.

Joint Venture Investors

Joint venture investors are investors who have very high incomes and net worth (typically more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars per annum) and are prepared to invest it. Joint venture investors will invest in areas like technology, oil and gas, alternative energy, real estate, agricultural projects, movie production, technology companies as well as income generating properties.

These investors have shown that they are responsive to all types of investment offers including oil and gas, alternative energy investments, movie production, private equity investments and several others.

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Accredited Investor Leads

Accredited Investor Leads

Accredited Investors

To be regarded as an “Accredited investor, some securities guidelines require no less than one million dollars in net worth. Each investor is known to possess an extremely high income and net worth utilizing proprietary techniques developed over forty years of marketing financial services.

ADMS’ Accredited investor (investors with one million dollars or more in net worth) leads can be utilized for range investment vehicles; also they will place the financial services marketer within an exclusively attractive world of high income/net worth individuals who are capable of 5 and 6 figure investments.

Ideal for: Private equity investors, Hedge Fund investors, Oil & Gas investor leads, Real estate investor leads, precious metal investors, gold leads, stock investor leads, private placement investor leads, qualified investor leads, private placement investors, high net worth/ high income investor leads as well as oil & gas investors.


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