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Currency is the thing that makes any business go.  You may have a business, or you may have the idea for a business and are looking for investors.  There are many ways that you can look at getting investors, some are better than others.  With all investors you need to consider the source when choosing one.   Why?  Because all sources are not the same, and all leads are not the same.  
It’s that very thing that sets some companies apart from others.  How will you know if your leads are good or not?  The question comes in the source and experience of the company.  It’s with that thought that I present one company to  you, and explain what they do and why it works.  The company: Accredited Investor Leads. 


a key term you need to understand if you are trying to raise money.

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Critical Number 1

Has a long history of connections behind you and be in business even longer!
When you’ve been in business for more than a decade or two, you have connections and they’re usually very deep. When your in the business of giving leads to people, that means you are not only deep in leads, but in good standing with those people that you’re connected with.  
Why?  Because if you aren’t a person or business of your word, your leads are useless.  It means that you’ve made a name for yourself and with that name comes leverage.  That’s what Accredited Investor Leads has done; made a name for themselves!
But it goes deeper than that, the leads have to be quality as well! 

This video deals with real estate but...
the same is true for Accredited Investor
leads or most any other business.

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Critical Number 2

I talked about how have connections where critical, and part of that is established by being in the business for a long time.  But what I didn’t mention is that it’s a two way street.  If the company supplying leads hasn’t checked out it’s leads, it’s not going to do you any good, and then they loose their reputation as a resource.  It means that the accredited investors that you’re working with, will not have credit with you.  So here’s a must in the business too: the accredited investor company must have checked out those leads, to make sure that they have met some basic standards.
Those leads must have been checked out, investigated to make sure that they are valid.  This means that the leads need to have a income of at least 200,000 for two years, or a combination of 300,000 over the last two years.  If the company is really good, they will have a volume of clients that have a net worth of 1,000,000 dollars.  What this means to you is simple: they know what they and are secure in their ability to invest in your company.
It have more value to you than that, consider the following. 

When the leg work has been done...
Then your success is starting
on a solid foundation!

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Your Success

Your success in business, is founded to a large degree on having solid investors.  Solid investors come from having solid leads.  It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 leads if they haven’t been researched and determined to be credible and reliable.  I’ve watched many people go through lists and lists of leads, all to know avail.  Why?  Because those that put the leads together weren’t selective on those included on the lead list.  They were simply names to make a list, not qualified leads.
With a company like Accredited Investors Leads, that groundwork has been done for you.   That means, you’re going to save time and money from the ground up!  It’s a good choice, and it’s something that you need to do! 

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