The Ultimate List of LEGO Valentine’s Day Sets

It’s post update time! The next big gift-giving holiday around the corner is Valentine’s Day. With just a little over a month to the holiday celebrating love, I thought you might appreciate an update to The Ultimate List of LEGO Valentine’s Day Sets post for 2017. So, without further ado,

It’s that time of year again where we need to think of a million wonderful ways to tell our special someone how much we love them. For me, it can be as easy as walking into my local LEGO store and picking something up off the shelf. But what if you still need to tailor that LEGO present to the holiday of love? Let me help you out with The Ultimate List of LEGO Valentine’s Day Sets! 

This list comprises all of the Valentine’s Day related LEGO sets over the years. Again, this is just me collecting information I’ve found online from different sources and from the LEGO catalog, so if I miss one here or there, please let me know! I want to make sure I;m providing a complete list for those of you out there who are buying for the ultimate LEGO collectors and/or are trying to find a rare set. Here is what I found:

LEGO Rose Set 85278

Available in 2010, I *suspect* the rose set was released for the Mother’s Day holiday, but can easily double as a Valentine’s Day gift. The only issue with the set, which I can’t understand why they even did this, is that they assembled and glued the pieces together. I’ve never seen this set first hand, but this is a complaint I’ve read in a few reviews.

You can pick this set up on Amazon or eBay.

LEGO Heart 40004

Simple and sweet, this is heart build is straight forward and sits on a 6 x 6 disk piece. This is very similar to the Valentine’s Day builds we made in 2014 for the girl’s valentines. I don’t see many of these for sale, so if you come across one on Amazon or eBay, count yourself lucky!

LEGO Heart Book Set 40015

This was a small polybag build from 2011. At the time it was sold, it was only $3.00. Nowadays, it sells for upwards of $20. However, the build uses common pieces, so there is nothing stopping you from building this from your own stash.

If you decide to purchase instead, you can find the build on Amazon or eBay for a pretty penny, or course.

LEGO Valentine Letter Set 40016

Another from 2011, the LEGO Valentine Letter Set has the builder writing the words “Love You” in black bricks on a set of 6 x 6 red plates. Simple enough, but it does require some 2 x 2 bows (those curved bricks). I personally do not come across them often, so your mileage may vary. Find this set on Amazon or eBay.

LEGO Friends Mailbox Set 30105

This set was from 2012. If you’re wondering why you never saw it here in the States, it was a promotional item sold only at Target and Walmart. Not specifically marketed as a Valentine’s Day set, this build does feature a kiosk with a heart-shaped decoration. That, in addition to the standard pinks used for LEGO Friends sets, qualifies this one for this ultimate list.

Rare to begin with, you can pick this one up on Amazon or eBay.

LEGO Valentine's Day Box Set 40029This was a 2012 seasonal set for Valentine’s Day. Big enough to put a small trinket inside, this box was a great seller and sold out almost immediately. Nowadays, you can find the set on eBay or Amazon.

LEGO Valentine's Day Heart Box 40051

This was a 2013 seasonal polybag for Valentine’s Day. An interesting build with a pivot point to keep the lid on the box, this is another scarce build. You can pick this build up on Amazon or eBay.

This 2014 set is a sweet little build, reminiscent of the many Valentine’s Day teddy bears created holding a heart. (You know you’ve seen them everywhere you *know* what I’m talking about)

It is a retired set, which means you can find it at an increased price on Amazon or eBay.

LEGO Valentine's Day Dinner Set 40120This was the 2015 seasonal set for Valentine’s Day. It’s a nice enough build and while we purchased the set, we never opened it. If you read the blog, you already know we have space issues. There really wasn’t a place for us to display this set, so it remains in the box.

It is a retired set, which means you can find it at an increased price on Amazon or eBay.

LEGO Valentines Cupid Dog Set 40201This is the 2016 seasonal set for Valentine’s Day. We didn’t pick this one up, because it didn’t call our attention too much. We had other things we were longing for at the time. However, I’ve heard it is a solid build and rather cute. And while we are not fans of brick built LEGO Valentine’s Day sets, if I ran across one in the wild I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it.

Since it’s a new year, this is now a retired set. You can find Cupid Dog on Amazon or eBay.

This is the seasonal set for Valentine’s Day 2017. This is probably my favorite of all the LEGO Valentine’s Day sets. The picnic blanket is adorable and who doesn’t love specialty printed bricks? Pineapple and chocolate anyone?

We have yet to go to the store this year, but I do want to pick it up. I can imagine myself building a small forest around this set to make it larger and add to DixieLUG displays. I’m sure you can still find this on Shop@Home and if they run out, it’s a bet you can pick it up at

While I did say this was a complete list, I may have missed one here or there. What other sets would you add to The Ultimate List of LEGO Valentine;s Day sets complete?

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