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Thomas Kinkade – Painter Of Light

Thomas Kinkade, known as the “Painter of Light” had extraordinary talent in creating his simple, yet serene and beautiful paintings.  Never before, that I know of, has a painter been able to capture the realism of light to a painting like this man has. 
In his galleries, there are different selections of his paintings with lights above them that never ceases to amaze me of how a painting can actually appear to have a glowing light in a window.  
Thomas Kinkade painted what he felt from his heart and wanted everyone to be able to enjoy his work at reasonable costs.  Many art pieces are priced so high than average people can never afford to have the luxury of a painting in their home until this man made a change in that.  
Even people who earn an average income can afford his work and enjoy the peaceful visions he saw as he painted.

Photo Credit: Thomas Kinkade Stillwater Cottage Canvas Print Wall Decor by The Bradford Exchange


Created 5/20/2013

The Beauty Is Available In Many Different Forms – Paintings, Puzzles, Bookmarks, Sculptures and Night Lights

Thomas Kinkade Hidden Messages - Foxglove CottageThomas Kinkade Hidden Messages – Foxglove CottageCHECK PRICE


Thomas Kinkade Snow White 14Thomas Kinkade Snow White 14″x14″x1.5″ canvas wrapCHECK PRICE

Sweetheart Cottage - Thomas Kinkade TK-79812Sweetheart Cottage – Thomas Kinkade TK-79812CHECK PRICE


Thomas KinkadeThomas KinkadeCHECK PRICE


A Gift To The People Or Sell Out?

A lot of other artists and many people believed that Thomas Kinkade cheapened his work and was a sell-out for not limiting his work and by not charging thousands and thousands of dollars to own a piece of his art.  
Mr. Kinkade did not care what others thought of him and how he presented his work to the public.  His passion was the simple things in life and painting from inspiration and with the intention of giving inspiration to as many people as he could.

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Thomas Kinkade Stillwater Cottage Canvas Print Wall Decor by The Bradford Exchange
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Taken From Us Too Soon

Thomas Kinkade passed away on April 6, 2012.  His last known piece of work was titled “Away From It All.”  His brother Patrick, along with consent of the family revealed his last piece of work in Cape May, New Jersey in August of 2012 at the Victorian Walk Gallery. 

Take a few minutes to enjoy this video tribute to a great painter that we lost too soon.  His work will live on as he wanted it to.  


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