Vincent Van Gogh

The Artist

Vincent Van Gogh is arguably the best artist of all time.  You may be shocked to learn that he only lived 37 years, that’s it.  You may even be further surprised to find out that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  But in those 37 short lived years he more then made his mark on history.  Van Gogh made an incredible 2100 pieces of art ranging from watercolors to oil paintings. Even drawings and sketches weren’t off limits from his creative genius. 

Vincent had such a profound impact on his culture and ours today that we still have his work on display in museums around the world.  We as a culture have recreated his work in any number of ways.  This includes children recreating Starry Night in elementary school, to adults attempting something like it in night school.  

Recreations of his work doesn’t stop with drawings, paintings or the crafts that children do in school.  Consider some of the ways that you can have Vincent’s work in your home.  I bet you’ll be surprised.

Vincent Van Gogh
is arguably the finest painter of all time.

2 Unique Crafts That You Can Use107434

Van Gogh Crafts

If you’re like many people you may want to have a portrait of Vincent in your home, but you simple can’t afford it.  Let alone the limited number of paintings and work that are available to the public.  What this means to you is simple; you need to find another way of bring him into  your home.

I’ve found listings for posters and crafts, but some of those that have pleased me the most are those that you can needlepoint and create with your own homes.  Thereby bringing a touch of Van Gogh into your home. 

You can create throw pillows and be able to snuggle on a Starry Night.  Or perhaps that’s not where your taste lies.  Maybe you’re more of a garder, and you love Pink Roses.  Whatever your taste, there’s something in Vincent’s work that is sure to make your smile.

Bring a little
Vincent Van Gogh into your home.

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