Stainless Steel Travel Mugs

Stainless steel travel mugs will keep your drinks hot or cool for a considerable length of time.

They take up minimal space while you are driving. Each mug has a top that either flips out or has a wide opening and they are sealed tightly to maintain heat and a lock to stop accidental opening.

These travel mugs are sturdy and clean and have a stainless steel inside with non stick covering for simple clean up.

The Best Travel Coffee Mugs


These stainless steel travel mugs are lined with stainless steel and have a top that can flip open. The mugs are insulated so that your hot beverage will stay hot.

You can take your coffee or any cold drink you wish to work and then later on in the day or even after lunch, your beverage will still be hot or cold.

Here are some more features of these travel mugs:

•Tight fitted flip opening keeps refreshments warmer or colder than other travel mugs

•Safety lock to keep the top from opening inadvertently

•The stopper dismantles for better cleaning

•wide mouth suits full-size ice shapes

Here are some highlights of these mugs over most. The tops are totally separated for simple and exhaustive cleaning.

Other travel mugs have a strange film in the top territory that would not allow you to clean properly and then you would have to just throw them out but  the inside of this mug has a non-stick liner like a Teflon covering that allows for simple cleaning.

The Zojirushi Stainless Steel Travel Mug is the best selling travel mug on It has lots of great reviews!!

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