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How To Keep Your Coffee Hot

As an avid coffee drinker, I am not as concerned what my travel mugs looks like as I am about keeping my coffee piping hot.  I ride the BART train everyday to work and I like to enjoy a hot cup of spill proof coffee on my morning commute.  I brew my coffee at 5 AM and sit at my computer work station at home for nearly an hour writing articles and surfing the web.  I savor the hot coffee until  6 AM and then I place my Themos stainless steel travel coffee tumbler sidways on top of my lunch box hoping that it stays warm and does not leak. 
I ride my bicycle to the BART station and am on my way by 6:17 AM.  My coffee is still  hot enough to almost burn my lips even though I brewed it an hour earlier.  I have never tested this mug for more than 2 hours because I cannot wait that long.  Coffee is meant to be enjoyed.
Because the lid is  rimmed with stainless steel, my  coffee does not taste like plastic, it tastes like coffee.  What a concept.  I have a Contigo Coffee tumbler at home and while I really do like it, the taste of the coffee from my Thermos is a notch above. 
The Thermos is also easy to take apart and clean the sipping lid.   This is  critical for a good tasting cup of coffee.  Unpleasant odors can get trapped in most travel coffee tumbler lids including the the  Thermos.  Being able to clean the lid is important.

Your Coffee Will Taste Fresher & Cleaner In The Thermos Coffee Travel Mug

Thermos Stainless Steel Leak-Proof Coffee Travel TumblerThermos Stainless Steel Leak-Proof Coffee Travel TumblerCHECK PRICE

Finally, a stainless steel coffee travel mug that gets rid of the plastic taste.  The rim of this mug is made of stainless steel.  I am not making this stuff up-the coffee actually tastes better because your lips and tongue make contact with stainless steel instead of plastic.  It makes a huge difference in the enjoyment of my morning cup of joe!
 Your coffee will taste cleaner and be more enjoyable in this coffee mug.
If you are used to the Contigo coffee tumbler for drinking your morning coffee, this unit will take some getting used to because you have to manually flick the drinking spout to ensure that the mug is closed.  I made the mistake of leaving it open while standing up and I poured a small amount of coffee on the floor.   After a day or two of using this mug, you will have it all dialed in and there will not be any issues.

Spill Proof Travel Coffee Mug?

Yes, you can get a virtually spill proof travel coffee mug.  I have owned several spill proof travel mugs including the Contigo Auto Seal and the Thermos Travel King.  While the Contigo is easier to operate, the Thermos Travel King wins in favor of better taste and spill proof design.
Both mugs can be placed upside down and never leak.  I keep my travel mug in my back pack and have never suffered a leak.  With the Travel King, you have to make sure that you lock the sipping lid, or it will leak.  Contigo Auto Seal mugs are self sealing.
My wife needs a leak proof mug because she often leaves her coffee or tea mug inside her purse!  She is very careless with her coffee and tea and rarely finishes her cup.

Silver Thermos Stainless Steel Leak Proof Travel Mug

Thermos Stainless Steel Travel Coffee TumblerThermos Stainless Steel Travel Coffee TumblerCHECK PRICE

The Travel King is not the only game in town when it comes to awesome leak-proof travel mugs.  This Thermos sleekerr look and is easier to grip with your hands because of it’s sleek design.  It has a simple one button open/close system that can be operated with one hand.

It’s spill-proof and will keep your coffee hot for up to 5 hours.  Who is going to wait for 5 hours to drink a cup of coffee?  Surely not me.  I just want to make sure that it stays hot for the entire hour that I am enjoying the coffee.
You can slip this into your back pack and carry to work without worrying if it’s going to leak all over everything.
It’s easy to take apart and clean.  No more stale coffee taste.

Contigo Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Tumbler

Contigo Stainless Steel Coffee Travel TumblerContigo Stainless Steel Coffee Travel TumblerCHECK PRICE

My wife and I have used Contigo Travel Coffee Tumblers for years and have never experienced a leak.  I can tip my coffee over and it will never spill.  The coffee stays super hot too.

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