Treat Her Like A Lady

If She Acts Like One

My wife gave me a look when I said it. ‘If she hits you, hit her back’. That’s like gospel to me. My wife says that she can’t believe that I’m actually teaching him that. I’ve been around a while, and I’ve heard, and seen a little, of women who abuse their boyfriends or husbands. And lately, there seems to be more and more cases of abuse everywhere. So I’ve got to teach mine before somebody else does ( the streets and the police ). Obviously, they didn’t have dads like me. What am I supposed to do? I’m not going to sit back and let some girl, or woman, abuse my son. No sir. If equal treatment is what you want, equal treatment is what you will get. Now, don’t get me wrong. I also teach him that you don’t hit girls. Sounds like a catch-22? Not really. You don’t put your hands on her, but if she puts her hands on you, you hit her back. That’s the way I operate, and so far, I’ve been blessed to know when to leave if I see it coming. But in essence, what you are doing is basically letting her know that her actions will not be tolerated, not by you. And, at the same time, I teach my daughter, you don’t put your hands on boys. And if they put their hands on you, you pick up something, go up-side their heads with it, leave, and call me. I will handle the rest. So, am I wrong? I don’t care if you think I am or not. Those are MY kids, and I’m not going to let anyone walk all over them. It is my responsibility as a dad to teach them what I can, while they are still listening ( when they become teens, that stops ). But I also teach my son that if you see that she is an abuser, you leave ( you will be able to sense it when you talk to her-you treat it like an interview ). You don’t want to get caught up in a domestic violence case ( and it’s easier to do nowadays ). So hopefully, he has listened, and he will take heed. And my daughter as well. I’ve seen domestic violence, up close. I respect NO MAN who seemingly takes pride in beating on a woman. I don’t care how mouthy she gets. You can always leave that situation before it gets ugly. That’s how a real man does it. And a real woman doesn’t hit men. So ladies, if you are the violent, get-in-your-face type of woman, please stay away from my son. And for the fellas who like to beat on women, you’d better steer clear of my daughter. They’ve both got a dad who’s taught them a thing-or-two. But that’s just my thoughts. What’s yours?


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