Waterproof Your Basement

Basement Sealing Products

The most effective way to reduce the chances of any interior damage from your basement is by sealing it from water. As a matter of fact, a lot of companies claim that their waterproofing products are specifically designed for that reason.
Not to mention, some of the most effective methods for waterproofing are the use of: plastic, rubber, acrylic, and a combination of paint and primer. These mediums give the maximum level of water seal durability.

Rubberizeit Waterproofing

Recently, there have been different kinds of waterproofing products that are readily available. In spite of this, it’s still challenging to decide which one would be the most excellent choice with regards to waterproofing your home. A lot of experts suggest the use of liquid rubber basement waterproofing products. As it’s the most reliable form of waterproofing and a great example of this would be, Rubberizeit!

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Liquid Rubber Coating

A remarkable approach to secure your basement from any forms of water leak would be the use of liquid rubber coating. For those who are not familiar, a rubber coating is an efficient way to create a “membrane.” A covering that secures both the exterior and interior of the basement against any leaks. Generally used for waterproofing homes that are under extremely wet conditions. Furthermore, it can also be used on flat roofs, basement walls, catch cabins, water troughs, fountains, cisterns, and ponds. Add to that, the liquid rubber coating is capable of sealing wood, metal, and concrete materials. A coat of liquid rubber could actually bond two surfaces together and support walls.

Rubberizeit! Universal Rubber has a viscous consistency that’s almost similar to a yogurt and it’s designed for waterproofing as well as corrosion prevention. Moreover, it can also be applied on lumber/wood, shotcrete/gunite, concrete, and metal. Metals like galvanized steel, iron, alloy steel, and even rusty metal.


When using Rubberizeit! Universal Rubber, it must be applied liberally on the clean and dry surface. Keep in mind though, Rubberizeit! Universal Rubber is not paint. Hence it’s a membrane–a form of barrier. So the idea is not to limit the application of Rubberizeit! Universal Rubber. It is advisable to use a liberal amount of coat so that it can penetrate into the surface and create a membrane.

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