RubberizeIt Waterproof Coating

At Universal Rubber Solutions they have been providing professional service for more than thirty years. They specialize in residential and commercial building and strive to serve their customers with new products and technologies.

These have helped them to provide the opportunity of improving homes and building of their customers. Rubberizeit has exceeded all the expectations as a product that is not only green but also has the strength to be used for every construction purpose.
The products of Universal Rubber are non toxic and UV stable that are made for home owners, building owners and contractors. These products are used by them on different types of surfaces that help in protecting the surface from water damage, decomposition and rust.


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Universal Rubber made Rubberizelt

Universal Rubber made Rubberizelt that can be applied easily and is available in any amount or quantity so that it can be used for any problems like re-coating rooftops, koi ponds or leaky gutters.

A bucket of Rubberizelt is essential for every household as it can be used on every surface like stone, concrete, plastic, metal or wood which makes this product very versatile for a variety of purpose. 


Universal Rubber Solutions can be used for a wide variety of use which includes roofing repair, water proofing, rain water containment, general repairs of your house and corrosion coating. It is a very cost effective, easy to use and environmentally product which has an elasticity of about 800%.

This elasticity of the product helps in expanding it so that it can perform the function of water proofing coating very nicely. Rubberizelt also works as a sealant on many surfaces like old metal, wood or concrete among other materials. This coating technology is an excellent innovation which can be used in a wide number of ways. You can use this product so that your very surface is maintained and water proofed which includes fountains, ponds or leaky roofs. You can also paint it around the skylights so that you can get a seal that does not leak. 


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