Rubber Coating For Ponds

Rubberized Liquid Coating For Ponds

If you are creating a beautiful pond in your landscape, you might want to consider using a Universal Liquid Rubber. Not only is it known to be UV stable but this remarkable liquid Rubber is ideal for ponds, and other water features. By applying this rubberized liquid coating the coating will last for years and years!

Rubberizeit Spray For Multipurpose

Rubberizeit is a liquid rubber that you can spray and use for many other projects aside from ponds, RubberizeIt! also be used in:

> Quarantine Tanks

> DIY Plywood Aquariums

> Waterfalls and Water Features

> DIY Bio-Filters

For ponds, it is highly recommended to use a Dual Component Pressurized Pot Applicator.

Pressurize Pot Applicator For Liquid Rubber

RubberizeIt! Spray is spray-applied. It’s very ideal for small Koi pond or other water feature contractor because of its pressurized pot application system.

This type of system enables the rubber coating to cover up the area in just one swift (once the preparation of the surface is fully completed). Furthermore, aside from accelerating the process of application, the curing process accelerates as well. A procedure that would usually start as when the last layer of coat is rolled on or brushed using RubberizeIt!

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Rubberizeit For Pond Repair And More

You can also use it for fixing worn or torn rubber pond liners.

To use as a repair to a torn pond liner:

1) Begin by draining the pond and make sure to thoroughly remove the dirt from the EPDM Rubber Liner. It is advisable to use Simple Green for this.

2) Using a coarse grit sandpaper, to polish the cleaned liner. This will remove any forms of debris as well as ensure a good adhesion.

Note: It must be thoroughly dry and free from living organisms before proceeding to step 3.

3) Generously apply RubberizeIt! on the worn or torn out part in order to polish the surface. It should be dry in about 1-2 days.

4) Once it’s completely dry, add another layer. While the rubber is still moist, the reinforcement cloth should be pressed on the area.

5) Another coat of RubberizeIt! Should be applied on the fabric. Guarantee that it’s fully soaked and let it completely dry for 3 to 4 days.

6) At the very least, 2 layers should be applied over the area once again. An allotment of 3-4 should be observed before applying the new coats.

7) Let the rubber dry for 2 to 3 days. The temperature and humidity of the area will influence this.

Considering that you have a ground water that is leaking on your pond, it’s not advisable to use RubberizeIt! The water that is seeping into the pond will prevent the curing of rubber or any kind of coating to completely dry. The most ideal way to prevent ground water from leaking out of the pond is to solve the issue as soon as possible– even before the construction. It should be done on the exterior part of the wall, similar to what you’ll do with a foundation.

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