Young Motherhood Overwhelmng? Here’s Some Tips !

Young Mothers!

If your a young mother looking for some kind of support other then professional (Where they think they know what your going through but havent experienced it to truly know)then this is exactly the page your looking for. A lot of adults look down on young mothers like they are terrible,Irresponsible,immature,& far from ready for a child.For the most part, its the truth. BUT.with all the stress these young people are already experiencing,parents need to wind down a bit & help there children get through a difficult time in there life. I was 17 & pregnant. I made the mistake of not using a condom ONCE & boy did “karma” get me. When I took the test my boyfriend at the time had just moved away to Newfoundland. I was devastated…I remember crying wondering how I would tell my mother. I never knew my father so it wasn’t like he mattered. So one day I was doing laundry & My mother had come down to help. Out of the blue she said “You know..You haven’t asked me for tampons in a while” My heart started racing…Right then I knew I had no choice but to come clean. It wasn’t long after that we were having fight after fight after fight. I wasn’t sure if it was my hormones going crazy or her disappointment that was causing our fights. I believe it was a mix of both. I remember crying a lot, Being stressed a lot, but mostly feeling like I had noone to turn to. My friends weren’t there for me like I needed them to be. But I coped with it everyday by writing poetry. January 18th 2009 came & my beautiful baby boy was born. Everything changed, My world, My thoughts on life, My maturaty especially. It all changed for the better, but having a child at 18 was so difficult. You don’t get to do what you want when you want anymore, You don’t get to go hang with your friends, you cant go get a job, & you certainly don’t get to sleep in anymore ! How do you get through it? What are good ways to adapt to your new found life? well number one, regardless of who you are your parent/s will accept & love their grandchild, So if you need a little time to yourself ask if they wouldnt mind watching your bundle of joy for even a few minutes. Need a morning to sleep in past 5am? Ask a sibling or close friend or your babys father to get up with the baby. Tired& drowzy all the time? put together a good schedule for you & the baby. example: Go to bed a decent hours. If your baby goes to bed at 7, You should go to bed at 9. When your baby naps during the day, Nap with them ! Feeling alone & unable to make yourself happy? Get out with your baby as much as possible ! Feeling like every penny is going towards your baby? Get your mother to ask around for baby clothes,noone likes to do that but when your on a tight budget you’ve got to! babies are not cheap. Feel like you can’t stand to hear another screech from your baby? play gentle baby sounds & songs that will surely calm them or invest in a pacifier!–With all of that being said, being a young mother is very difficult, But if you learn to commit to that, anything is possible.

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