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It’s great that you can surf for parenting advice and discover a ton of helpful information. Being able to learn from people who have good knowledge to pass around makes it worth while. But just be sure you do the sanity check with anything you read just because it’s a good idea. Parenting is tough work, as you well know, and any suggestions you can get at least won’t hurt.

One of the most common experiences is the give and take with communicating with teens. But this is just normal territory for teens and parents. Just in case, if you are a naturally strong personality (authority), then consider moving more to displaying authoritarian behavior which is different. The one thing you really should avoid is never letting your teens have a say about something.

As you know, many teens will hide their problems even from you, and that’s why it’s critical to pay attention to them. We all have our days, but you have to take action when the single day lasts for much longer. It’s natural for any parent to want to know because you see that your child is troubled. Even in the most dire situations, your child may still be silent about it. Even if your kid says it’s nothing serious, you know better and also know things can escalate.

All kids regardless of age need to experience affection from their parents. There has been lots of research performed over the years that support this need we have for affection. There are many factors involved with this including simple human touch, and find ways to show your affection to your kids of any age.

This requirement we have never goes away even after we become adults. If you fail to do this, then your kids will suffer for it, and hopefully you won’t do that to them. With all the parenting information you can find, it can get a little confusing. If you’re a single parent, then look for the information that talks to you. Don’t be afraid to try approaches from all directions and design it for your situation. We all have to make our way the best we can, so there’s nothing unusual with this.

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