Teens & How To Help Them Grow Up To Be A Mature Adult

Most teens think that they are always right…. ok who am i kidding all teens think that good kids bad kids or indifferent, and the one thing parents never know is how to help them become mature adults as they grow up. First off some teens are looking for somebody to confide in, the other part of the population of teens is looking for a laid back parent meaning…. DO NOT GO THROUGH THEIR DIARY UNLESS THEY GIVE YOU A GOOD ENOUGH REASON honestly to teens nothing says i dont trust you more than the diary bit …. but like i saids it is ok if they give you reason…. same thing goes for the phone and let them be with friends and whatever but dont be stupid lock their windows doors and anything else they can get out of … DO NOT LET THEM KNOW… and when they start to pull away come closer ask all the questions you need in a suttle way do not make them feel uncomfortable and during dinner and family nights (which i suggest you have) take away phones ipods and all electornics just for the night…. set up a chores list that they are sure to do and put up good rewards money day out with friends party without parent whatever make sure they agree on it with you sit down together and set goals and rules as well as rewards and if they cuss quite often do a bet say i bet you cant go a week without cussing they’ll say yea huh and you say fine then for every cuss word you say you’ll give me a nickel …. trust me it will work may not earn too much but you’ll get something….

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