3 Over-The-Top Ways To Stand Out From Your Friends

Are You Over The Top?

Being over the top, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Depending on how  your over the top, and what you do that makes you over the top, is truly the determining factor.  If for example, you do drugs, in excessive amounts, that’s well not only not okay, but it’s not over the top in a good way.  If you have 15 children, that’s more than a little over the top, but it’s okay if you can afford to take care of them, and aren’t expecting me to do the taking care of, especially when it comes to babysitters.  
But, if you’re ‘normal’, and just like to bungee jump and do things over the top in that fashion, well, this Sirgo is just for you.  I’ll give you some ideas that may cause you’re friends to look at you differently and say, “I wish I were that guy!”.  They are fun things, and things that will allow for you to pamper yourself and have fun all at the same time.  
If you’re not sure if you’re over-the-top, then you’re probably not.  You’re probably like most people, if for no other reason than you had to ask the question. 

Being Over-The-Top
means you arrive in a limo!

Over-The-Top starts with how you get there!

This can take many forms, but the first form we’re going to look at is limos!  That’s right, imagine the look in your friends eye, when you arrive to the football game in a limo.  There mouths will drop open and wow, what a look you’ll get.  But it doesn’t stop with them, remember that ‘fine’ lady you’ve been trying to impress?  I promise that you’ll make a grand statement if you arrive in a limo for dinner and the moves, especially if you add a drive along the beach at sunset in order to get to that dinner.  
I had a friend of mine, that drives a limo, he picked his daughter up on her birthday from school.  All of her old friends, that didn’t like her any more, suddenly wanted to be friends, so that they could go for a ride with her.  Limos make a statement and an impact for both the person inside of it, and the person watching it arrive.
That’s what makes a limo the first thing on my list! 

Flying High...
and having fun! A must do, if you’re going to be over-the-top form your friends!

3 Ways To Stand Out From Your Friends66587

Chartering A Get!

Flying at a mile high is fun when your on any flight, but when you’re flying high with all the perks of a private charter, there’s few things that are better.  With your choice of times to leave, food to eat, and a staff that has to cater you and your needs, it doesn’t get much better.  Imagine telling your friends, you’ll be arriving in a jet.  The reaction at first will probably be something along the lines of, “sure – right’, until you actually do!  Then they’ll want to be with you all of the time.
But it doesn’t stop there.  Remember you dream date that’s waiting for you in the limo, what if you flew her to that dinner instead of just taking her to the restaurant.  What if you flew her to Hawaii or Paris, now that would be a date to remember!

Is it the home, or the helicopter
that’s over the top?

3 Ways To Stand Out From Your Friends66595

Helicopter or Mansion

Both of these are over the top and I can’t decide which is more.  If you’re a fan of large homes, you’ll have the staff to support your living in such a place.  I know if you have a date come over to this home, she’ll be so in love with it, that she’ll never want to leave. 
The same is true should you chose to arrive with her in this helicopter, it’s over the top no matter how you decide to look at it.
Yes, over-the-top is out over this world, and if you do any of these, your friends are going to know that it fits perfect for you! 

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