America’s Top Five Places To Be

America’s Top Five Places To Be

America’s Top Five Places To Be Are:

1) Los Angeles, California
2) Las Vegas, Nevada
3) Branson, Missouri
4) Shreveport, Louisiana
5) Fayetteville, Arkansas

#1: Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California is the “land of the stars.” Someone is up all night long. There are plenty of things to do with the family, places to go with the family, and plenty of different clubs to go to. For example: If you want to ” go outside the box”, you can go to clubs by culture. Another example: cuban, greek, or italian.
Another great thing here to go to are the drive in movies. Other sites to see, places to go to, and be here are: The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hollywood really used to be cool and a true freak show on Halloween. I heard it’s not like that anymore, though.
L.A. has the $1.00 buffet and also has America’s best food from countries all over the world there. Here are other reasons why Los Angeles, California is number one:

A)The ocean: It is very beautiful and does not consist a large body of water that is dirty with a bunch of sand.

B)Wonderful satellite channels where you can watch shows like Sanford & Son all day long.

C)Vast assortment of colleges to go to.

D)It is a place where you do not see mostly a handful of racial groups there. You have a little bit of everything.

E)There are a lot of friendly people there.
F)Wonderful “open air markets.”
G)Too many hot looking people of the opposite sex to look at.

H)A place where there are so many fit people, that it may even inspire others who are out of shape to get fit.

I)Lots and lots of entertainment.
J)There are so many people to choose from to date.
K)Soft drinks you can’t find anywhere else.
L)Plenty of places to go to on the holidays.
M)More local radio stations.
N)Hollywood, Universal Studios, and the Hollywood sign.
O)Fox Hills Mall
P)Crenshaw Baldwin Hills Mall
Q)El Cholo’s Restaurant
R)Beverly Hills, period, from Rodeo Drive to the mall named The Beverly Center.

S)The Hard Rock Cafe.

If you plan to visit, here are some tips to consider:

Try to make sure no one gets lost. There have been horror stories where people made a wrong turn, discovered it was gang ruled, and never made it out alive. It is wise to know someone who already lives down there. That way your experience could be even better.
If you want to live there, it is extremely “off the map” expensive. An apartment or house that may cost $1100.00 a month means that a dump usually in a gang/violence infested area is where you’ll most likely be living.
To live there decently, one would have to have 16 or more people with incomes of $1100 or more a month live in the same household.

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