Celebrating Overcoming Depression

Happy January 27th!

The road to overcoming depression is long and arduous. When your own
brain is turned against you it can seem impossible to change your way of
thinking and lift yourself out of depression. For those of us who have
overcome depression, we deserve to celebrate. Every January 27th I
celebrate the fact that I won the battle against depression.

Introductory picture is a drawing of mine.

Why January 27th?

I chose January 27th because that is when I met a dear friend. It isn’t
the exact date that I first met him, but January 27th, 2009 is the first
time I remember meeting him. He’s the kind of person that makes me
proud to be human, and I credit his singing with being the catalyst for
overcoming my depression. He would occasionally sing along to the radio
at work and I swear his singing has healing powers.


I like to spend my time alone, so the activities I choose to partake in on January 27th are activities for one. I listen to great music, I read, I eat great food,
and I make sure I laugh a lot. Of course, if you’re celebrating
overcoming your own depression, you can take part in any activities you
want. The idea is to do the things that you stopped getting as much joy
out of when you were depressed. Now you get to really have fun and enjoy
your life being free of the depression monster! Think of all the things that used to give you so much joy but you stopped doing because you were too depressed and just go nuts.

Below are some of the activities I partake in.

Cookie Cake

What’s a celebration without cake? I love cookie cakes, so I like to
order a cookie cake from Great American Cookies for January 27th. You
can order a cookie cake online and pick it up at the store.

Great American Cookies
Order a cookie cake online.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Something that always makes me laugh is Mystery Science Theater. I always make time to watch MST3K on January 27th.


Since Mystery Science Theater ended, Mike Nelson is doing RiffTrax. He
and his “robot friends” (Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett from MST3K) sell
MP3s of themselves commenting on a particular movie in familiar
MST3K-style. You buy the DVD or digital download and sync it to the MP3.
Now they are offering paid movie downloads with pre-synced movies for a
few of the movies they’ve riffed. Because they sell the commentary
separately from the movies, they can do any movie they want. They do
more recent and popular movies, and they even consider requests.

RiffTrax – We don’t make movies, we make them funny!
RiffTrax is an innovative site featuring the hilarious DVD commentaries
of the stars and writers of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Listen to
these RiffTrax in sync with your favorite – and not-so-favorite – DVDs!
It’s like watching a movie with your funniest friends!

Four Leaf Clover

Four Leaf Clover

There was a bit of a delay between me breaking free of depression and
actually becoming happy. The day that I started to get happy I found
this four leaf clover on the ground. It’s an advertisement for beer (I
found it on a St. Patrick’s Day).

My Lucky Four Leaf Clover

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