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State Parks and Trails closed down

Oh, I missed it. Channel 27 News was outside of our home yesterday and walked in to the Hotel next store of where we lived to interview hikers that been staying there. 
Reporter’s had there camera’s and asked hiker’s how they felt that the government shut down the State Parks and Appalachian Trails closed. 700 miles of the trails were closed. Questioned asked to the hiker’s by the reporters: What did they think of the trails being closed? Hear the hiker’s opinions. I assume that the hiker’s that the reporter’s viewed were very distraught and angry of the trails being closed down. 700 miles, that is a lot of trails to be closed. Few hiker’s are stranded in our little town until they can either hike out or hitch a ride to their destination. 
I missed it all. I had to be elsewhere that was more important with a sibling that needed by moral support. Gone the good part of the day, when I arrived home it was 2:00 in the morning so I went right to bed.
When I got the rest my body needed from lack of sleep my husband filled me in. Channel 27 News truck parked in front of our house and walked into the Hotel next store to us. “Oh really, I missed that. Husband explained to me in brief detail the purpose of the News being at the Hotel. I responded back, Oh I see. I was to tired, exhausted and yet needed more sleep to comprehend everything husband was sharing with me about Channel 27 News business as the reporters interview some of the hikers. Government shut down the state parks and the Appalachian Trails then I can understand why hikers are upset and angry. With the State Parks and the Trails being closed at this time, no money is being made and workers are loosing pay time. I don’t get heavy into politics for it is not my thing or very interesting in learning about Politics. I have my own opinion what I think about the government but I will keep that opinion to myself and everybody has there own opinion.
What are your thoughts and opinion in how you feel of the State Parks and Trails being closed? 

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