Where Can You Find Sarah Geronimo Online?

Sarah Geronimo is Everywhere

If you’re looking for the Facebook, Twitter, Official Forum and Site of Sarah Geronimo, then this page will show you where you can find them. I will specify if the account is owned by Sarah herself or officially dedicated to her by fans.
We want to know which is real and which is not because she has a large fan base (even detractors) not just here in the Philippines but also around the world. They’re continuously creating accounts in all these social media and others claim they are Sarah.
But now, I will end your frustration and tell you all of the real and official accounts of her. Gone are the happy days of these fraud people and let’s celebrate because you found this page.

Official Account of Sarah in Facebook

Fans dedicated it to her.
As much as we want to know Sarah’s real Facebook account, no one (even I) knows if she has a Facebook account. Maybe she has but she’s an artist and I think she needs privacy in the first place.
Anyway, her fans created a Facebook fanpage about her to provide news and updates. It is for those who want to be updated about schedules of their idol. If you missed certain episodes that include her, members posted videos initially to share it with others. And that is the best thing I find useful.

Official Account of Sarah in Twitter

This account belongs to her !
Everyone is amazed about the news that Sarah is in the Twitter world too. It seems that every fan is waiting for her tweets hourly, daily and weekly. But as of now, she stopped tweeting because of a certain issue which I will not discuss on this page. Her last tweet can be traced in year 2010.
Anyway, you’ll be amazed that despite her absence in Twitter, people continue to follow her which increases the number of followers. It’s not a big deal if she’s not active anymore but who knows she might return one of these days and resume her tweeting activity. Everyone is looking forward to it and hoping she will be back in Twitter world. 

Official Site of Sarah Geronimo

Her official website
Don’t you know what is Sarah’s official website? I know some of you have mistaken it from the other. The reason is this website is just new but claimed by her management that it is her official website. If you want to take a peek, then this site will enrich you with load of information.
Feel free to join and enjoy the company of other fans. It is updated daily thus, you are sure that everything on this site is updated and latest. I hope you find it interesting.

Forum Dedicated to Her by Fans

It is mistakenly refer as her official site
Everyone is familiar with this site and some of them mistakenly treat it as Sarah’s official site. According to the creator of this forum, this site is just a portal of news and updates about Sarah Geronimo. They will find latest happenings to Sarah in forum that members can post their opinions.
For me, I enjoyed being part of this site as I read there everyday. I think my total number of post as of this writing is more than 1000. If you want to experience the warm welcome of co-fans, this site will give it to you the day you sign up and join them. 

Let's Have A Recap
You now have her
Official Forum
and Official Website.

I hope you find this site useful !

This is the place to get to know the social media of where Sarah Geronimo is. You can find her official or dedicated to her by fans such as Facebook, Twitter, Official Forum and Website. I hope it’s now clear to you what her real online accounts are.

Happy browsing! 🙂


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