Disavow Penalties

Why we should be supporting Google’s idea of a Disavow Penalty

We recently had a rash of links being scraped from our site and posted across the net as if other members or SirGo staff had posted them.  In fact, we did do some link building activities, but never to the extent of which has occurred.
As part of the cleanup, we decided to contact a number of sites that had quite obviously taken it upon themselves to add us to their sites without our consent.  Our request was quite simple, please remove the links.  The response we have received has astounded us and solidified in our minds that penalties should be imposed for the amount of disavow links that are submitted by good ranking sites.
Below are a couple of the responses we received and it has become glaringly obvious that these spammers are doing this simply for profit and definitely deserve to penalized.  Additionally, reputable and legitimate link removal companies should be distancing themselves from these people and not allowing them to generate affiliate income from their businesses.

Jacob Kneeshaw Link Removal Response

Here is the email response we received from Jacob Kneeshaw.  This is clearly an individual who has done this for profit and deserves to be penalized. Anybody that knows this site knows we would not be advertising on a gambling site let alone link building on one.
UPDATE: We responded to their email and it bounced back as an invalid email account.  These people are definitely the worst of the worst when it comes to spamming.  Beware!



If you would like me to take time out of my day to fix
your company’s past link building mistakes you can:

1) Send $20.00 (USD) using Paypal.com to advertise@smartergamblers.com
2) Reply to this email with the paypal transaction ID,
and along with a consolidated list of the URLs you want me to remove from my
sites (up to 20 URLs).

Links to your site will be removed within 48 hours upon
receiving payment and the required listing of URLs to remove. If you need more
than 20 URLs removed, please contact me for a price adjustment.

Jacob Kneeshaw

On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 5:54 PM, Tom Thayer wrote:
> Hi,
> There are some links on your site(s) that we never
authorized. Could
> you please remove any links that are going to the
sirgo.com domain.
> Thanks,
> Tom

LinkDelete.com is working with some of these sites. Bravo!

Here is an example of an email that we received from several of the sites when we asked to have our links removed.  This is a good example of how people should be dealing with this problem.
Tom Thayer,

We received your message asking us to remove your link at Sanocon. Due to the
large number of requests we receive, we no longer remove links from our
directory personally. Instead, we have partnered with deletebacklinks.com to manage
these requests. They have the ability to remove your links from our site,
usually in just a few hours.


For your convenience, I have copied the deletebacklinks.com sales team on
this email. Please work with them to have your links removed.


Thank you for your business.

Sanocon Administrator
p.s. This email is sent from an unmonitored account; please do not reply to
this message, use the ‘Contact Us’ feature on our directory instead.
Original Message from Tom Thayer:
Hi, There are some links on your site that we never authorized. Could you
please remove any links that are going to the sirgo.com domain. Thanks, Tom

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