Outsourcing SEO

Why Outsource SEO?

There is much more to SEO than throwing a couple of keywords into your website copy. In fact, it now encompasses not only a business website, but can include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networking sites. Writing platforms, such as Squidoo, Sirgo and others also are on the forefront of a good SEO campaign. All of this takes time, and also a working understanding of what Google and other search engines are looking for. Most business owners do not have time for that. Outsourcing can save the business owner time and money, and at the same time, increase their profit.
Working Web Solutions, a Portland SEO company, has been helping businesses increase their SEO success for over 12 years. 

SEO and Branding

SEO and Branding

It’s not enough to start a website and open Facebook and Twitter accounts. Throughout each step, both SEO and branding must be taken into consideration. There should be a consistency in each step which helps to build and convey image and branding. The end result should be not only good search engine ranking, but also brand recognition. The potential customer is getting to know you, and your business with each website visit, Facebook post, and Twitter update. All aspects must be carefully planned and executed for success. 
Each business owner basically knows what image they want to convey. It could be trust, humor, dependability, reasonable prices, or a combination. Along with SEO, that image must be built along the way. They are each separate aspects, but they work together. For instance, if you are an electrical contractor in Santa Cruz, you may want to utilize keywords which also help you with branding, such as “quality electrical work” and “Santa Cruz electricians”.

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How Outsourcing SEO can help You

How Outsourcing SEO can help You

Quality SEO does not happen by accident. A good deal of trial and error goes along with learning and consistently achieving SEO success. What makes the process even more time consuming is the fact that Google is famous for changing their algorithm frequently. Most business owners have neither the time or inclination to keep abreast of the latest techniques and changes taking place in the SEO arena. 
Finding a good SEO company can offer a business owner the freedom to do what they do best, which is running their company. It also offers peace of mind. Overall, the best thing about outsourcing SEO to an expert is that it ultimately means more customers and more profit. It’s all about the bottom line, and a good SEO professional can definitely help with that.  Outsourcing SEO also offers a great return on investment. A one-time investment can mean years of continued profit for the business owner. 

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Working Web Solutions
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SEO Results

Before deciding on an SEO company, make sure they can deliver! Many people claim to be experts, but they cannot all come through with what they promise. The first thing you should look for is how their website is doing as far as SEO. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If they promise good search engine ranking, then their own site should have a top spot on the major search engines. 
Working Web Solutions, a Portland SEO company, offers this as an example of good ranking
SEO Results 3 
Any business that promotes as being good at SEO should have a very high listing. If they cannot achieve good SEO with their own site, they probably cannot do it for yours. Make the most of your SEO budget and choose a company that does the same quality work for your business as they do their own.  

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