Tips for Achieving High SEO Rank

Achieving a high ranking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is sometimes difficult. This is especially true if your new website cannot handle the fees of hiring a marketing firm to get your website noticed. Most often those that cannot handle the financial obligations needed to run a new website will rely heavily on marketing articles to get their site noticed. These articles need to rank high with the Google search engines otherwise your site will still not get noticed.
Achieving a high ranking SEO for your website through marketing articles only is risky. However, there are many new sites that survive only because of these marketing articles. Most people will outsource the writing of the SEO rich marketing articles. This is not as costly as other marketing methods. However, there are some that prefer to write their own marketing articles. When writing your own marketing articles you will need to keep in mind that you need to have an article rich in keywords.
For a four hundred word article you should expect to have the keyword present in the article at least ten times. This will give you approximately a two percent keyword density. However, keyword density is not the only aspect you need to think about when writing an SEO marketing article for your site. You need to have a unique title.
Your title should not have much competition. So, if you are writing an article about a fashion website you will want to think of a title that does not have much competition. To check the competition of your proposed title you should run a Google check on the prospective title. When running a Google check on your prospective title you should note how many search results were found. You should attempt to search your title both with and without quotation marks. This will give you a clearer idea of how much competition your title will have with the Google search spiders.
Finally, you need to have a great number of backlinks to and from your article. Backlinks will help your article be noticed. There are a number of ways to create backlinks. There is software that will send your backlinks out to the search engines and make certain your backlinks are found. There is also putting relevant backlinks in your article. If you are writing an article for a fashion website you will not want to put backlinks for the National Football League (NFL) website in your article. The Google search spiders are looking for articles that relate to yours.

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