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Is It Only for Article Directories?

Article publishing can be a very effective tool for the promotion of your web site. I own and operate the web site SirGo is an excellent place to publish articles or just write about anything you want but the real power of SirGo, and other sites like it, is the impact it has when promoting your business or your web site. The search engines love unique content and well formatted articles and web pages. They rate the links on those pages much higher than other pages and therefore the more links you have, that are of higher quality, the better your site ranks within the search engines.

The problem with this is that not everyone knows how to create a web site and most of those that do, are not really all that SEO, search engine optimization, savvy. Sure, you could always hire someone to build the web site for you and to make sure it is SEO friendly, but the cost of such a venture is often out of the reach of the small to medium sized business and most people. This is where sites like SirGo and others really pay off. They have already put in the work to make sure pages are SEO friendly and have developed a way to let you publish your writings or articles for free. This allows you to advertise your web site in a completely inexpensive way.

Another side of SirGo, is that it allows you to also make an income off the pages you have created. It does this by offering Adsense and Amazon revenue sharing. With Adsense revenue sharing, SirGo provides a set of tools to let you track the income you are generating but with Amazon you will need to utilize Amazon’s reports to see what you are generating. The nice thing about this though, is that not only are you promoting your web site, but you are also making money while promoting your site. Has the light bulb gone on yet? Everyone else out there is telling you that they will promote your site for you but it will cost x amount of dollars right? Now, you are being told that you will make money for promoting your web site!

Hold on a second! How can this possibly work? You are telling me that you are going to pay me to advertise my web site?

You just said that in your head didn’t you? LOL The first time I thought of it, I did too. It sounds crazy, but yes, that is exactly what we are doing.

How are we doing it? Well, it’s simple actually. The number one thing that we believe in is complete honesty, so I am going to lay it all out for you. First, I am NOT going to tell you that we do not make money. We do. Secondly, I AM going to tell you that just like anything else, making the money involves some work. Third, it really does not cost you a single penny. Here is how we do it.

Every page that is created, by you, on our site has Adsense ads automatically placed on them in strategic places that are known to generate the most amount of clicks. We have spent a lot of time making sure that these ads do not interfere with the design and layout of the page. I hate seeing those pages that are cluttered just for the sake of advertising. Now, every time someone clicks on one of those ads, we get paid a certain amount of money for the click. A side note here, we do not control the amount that is paid per click, Google does. In turn, we pay you a percentage of the money generated from that click.

What is the percentage? The base percentage is sixty percent but with our referral program, you can earn anywhere up to one hundred percent.

Sound good? Most people say, there has to be a catch. It can’t be that simple. Sorry, to the skeptics, it is that simple. The only caveat to this whole thing, is that you need to have a PayPal account in order for us to pay you.

How does Amazon fit into this. We have modules on the system that you can place on your pages that generate Amazon ads. Each time the ad is displayed, we alternate between your Amazon Associate ID and our Amazon Associate ID. It’s that simple.

As you can see, Article directories are great for publishing articles and promoting your site, and I will never say other wise, but they do not offer you the extra benefit of getting paid for publishing your article. SirGo does, it is a lot of fun, and is also a growing community.

Check it out and see an alternative way of publishing articles that also works hand in hand with Article directories.

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