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Inbound Marketing:

This is all about getting visitors to come to your website, visitors who are interested in you, your product, your service. You need to generate and encourage links back to your website from your outgoing-ideas, your blog, your posts to others etc so that you generate these as social networking projections. It should be about genuine, honest, good stuff, without the hype of any ‘in your face selling’ – that’s an outmoded method from days gone by. Today the internet flattens everything out and everyone has power to resist and cut out adverts with a mouse click. So, if you don’t want to be switched off – switch on to building a good informative website that has multiple Do-It-Yourself SEO features. And set up your own inbound marketing campaign. Send out articles that have great content and when you post these onto article hosting sites include a >BACKLINK< a clickable blue highlighted url address back to your website. Ask the sites you post to on blogs, Facebook etc to include your url address, put it on all the contributions and comments you send out.
Easily done positive stuff for writers to achieve – to write articles and comments regarding the subject content and genre of your website – yes?.
The largest of companies are on the same level playing field as the smallest when it comes to having good representation – presence – on the internet.
The digital methods of customer interaction are rapidly changing and are eclipsing the old world methods of public customer engagement.
A pushed marketing theme or advert cannot get through to a potential customer using interactive digital systems when such a ‘message’ was not requested by them, they can ignore, delete, block, get annoyed by it and turn against the advertiser. Requested is the keyword here and a requested enquiry carry’s great value, whereas the other types have potential to annoy.

Its a great pity that you cannot apply such techniques into a Sirgo page, maybe they will add SEO eventually, its almost impossible for a Google topic/keyword search to find a Sirgo, Hub Page or Squidoo one for that matter, as they are hidden within the database. To find your own pages in Google you must ad the prefix Sirgo; who is going to do that? So this article is really all about your webpage, not any Sirgo Hub, or Squidoo page, which for all your efforts are mostly lost and lonely!

 Inbound Marketing is about SEO but much better put as optimising YOUR website and the offsite locations that lead and connect to it; so that you get worthwhile traffic going to your site. Old marketing was in the face “Interruptive or Outbound Marketing” as when you get that phone call with a human robot reading out a script to you, when the radio or TV programme reverts to adverts or becomes interrupted by adverts just as the film or programme you are watching gets interesting. When you walk or drive along a street to be disrupted by huge street posters – this is all ‘interruptive advertising’ and in the case of outdoor – who put them there, who profits from street litter such as this without any return path of value to the public?
These are old world concepts and will be eclipsed by online activity; requesting products and services, from retailers and service providers who build informative product focused sites. In the digital spaces of the internet where virtually all commercial activity is set to grow, it will do so based upon the people choosing what they want and acting upon their choices. Marketers need to shape up.
I used to visit Bookshops regularly but that was ten years ago, these days I still buy books but always online and I don’t think I am different from most readers. These changes will continue right across all such boundaries in marketing and direct selling too and for reaching people with products, it’s all or mostly all going to go digital.
Authors are the best people to quickly profit from understanding these changes – we have seen Amazon dominate and now we have a great opportunity to understand the new markets, the digital markets that can be of great value and benefit to us. The Book-Kit has been written to assist self publishing authors to gain web-presence for their books, however the ‘secrets’ revealed in the Book – Kit are valuable Do – It – Yourself Search Engine techniques of great value for ANY business , for ANY website that needs to be noticed.
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