Expert Landing ~ Your Website

Expert Landing

IF you’re a pilot, this page isn’t for you, plain and simple.  Why?  Because I’m not talking about landing a plane on a field, I’m talking about the type of landing that comes when someone lands on your website.
It’s when the customer or perspective customer sees your website for the first time and then what happens.  Do they stay and give you their information or do they leave.  Here are some suggestions that can help transitions those flyby’s and help make those perspective customers become customers.   

It's not just jumbo jets...
that need to have an expert landing.

Improving Posture81488

Your Landing Page

The first thing that is a must when you have a landing page, is to have one that quickly and accurately conveys what you’re trying to say.  If for example,  you’re trying to show those that drop by that you’re a dating service, you need to have something like the picture I’ve shown here. Why?  First impressions are everything.  If your unique visitor doesn’t get an immediate impression that you can do what they’re looking for, they’re going to be gone in a few seconds.   So you’re first impression, your website is going to have to speak to them in the area that they’re looking for.   
Remember, you’re goal is always to transition those visitors, those readers into actual customers or there’s no point.  So you have visually show them what they’re looking for.  
Second, have the page user friendly.  There’s nothing more frustrating than going to a page, wanting and needing more information, but you’re not able to quickly and swiftly find that contact box.  Make it clear to the visitor, that you care about them and their needs.
Next, make sure that you don’t have to much eye noise on that page.  If there’s to much clutter, your visitor isn’t going to waste time in trying to sort through all of your junk in order to find what they need.  Your landing page needs to be clear, concise and easy to navigate.  Remember, while you know where everything is, your visitor wont.  They aren’t the ones that have been working on the landing page for weeks or months.  So of course you’re going to know where everything is.  Get a set of fresh eyes to look at your landing page and see how easily they can navigate and take their suggestions.  Remember it’s nothing personal, it’s just business. 

The Goal...
is always to increase conversion rates on your website.

Your Important Information

It’s not just important to be able to put information up, anyone can do that, but you also need to know your reader.  This step is often taken for granted, but consider if you are doing business in other country’s you’re going to need to adjust to their way, making your page user friendly.
 For example if you’re dealing with those that read from right to left as is common in Israel.  If however you’re making websites for Asian countries they will typically read from top to bottom.  And still in North America they will read from left to write.  Each of these locations plays a role in how you’re going to develop your landing page.  
The most important information needs to be at the location where the readers eyes will looks first. Then contact information square following that.  It’s something that is of major importants, but often over looked. 

Always put the most critical things...
where the readers eye’s will fall first.

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