Figure out why your social media strategy is not working

Social media has undoubtedly made its mark. The question that companies ask is no longer whether they should be using social media, but how to take the most advantage of it. With the potential to generate millions of visitors per year, it is only natural that every businessman wants to capitalize on the benefits of social networking. The question still remains, however. How does one profit from social media, and more importantly, why isn’t your current strategy not yielding expected result?

At its heart, social media is a
simple, two-step process.

1. Create Content

2. Share The Content

As long as you are creating content,
whether it is text, image, or both, and sharing it on a network where your user
follow you, your website will get visitors from it. The key to successfully
taking advantage of social media, however, lies in creating content that your
user will like. More important still, you will need to create content that
these users will want to share in their network. It needs to be entertaining or
useful, or both. The only way in which you can grow big on social media, is
through regular creation and sharing of content.

Before we can discuss how to go
about finding the faults in your current strategy, and improving it, we must
first quantify the benefits, and help draw focus on the ones which matter to
you the most. So what exactly are the benefits of having an organized and well
thought out presence on smo services India?

1. An active community of users and
fans: This is an obvious benefit, and one of the first metrics that brands
target when foraying into the brave new world of social media. The number of
people who follow you on various networks are a clear number, and your focus is
obviously on consistently increasing this number.

2. Hits for your website: Part of
the reason brands creates social media accounts is so that they can direct
their fans towards the website. The purpose of the website needs to be clear,
however, as your strategy and content type will depend on it.

3. Your end goal: Depending on your
business, you will have to optimize your strategy for a single major purpose.
Are you looking for subscribers, or buyers? Do you generate revenue from ads,
or from direct sales. These questions will decide where you focus on.

Where are you getting the strategy

Once you know what you should be
getting out of social media, you can focus on what you are unable to achieve.
Are you not getting enough fans or followers? If yes, then is your page or
profile well designed, and your content relevant to your domain? Similarly, if
you are not getting a lot of visitors on your website, even though a lot of
people follow you, you may need to revise your strategy to focus on greater

where you are lacking

the specific part of your strategy that is supposed to be addressing it

the strategy and keep doing so until you get desirable results

While we are on the topic of optimization,
how would you know whether you are doing it right, or wrong? Easy, you measure

Keep an eye on the metrics!

Your strategy will never go wrong if
you keep a close eye on it and keep modifying it until you get desirable
results. Figure out ideal times for posting, and determine the kind of content
that gets you the most engagement. Plan it right, keep it flexible, and do not
hesitate to mix it around until you get what you expected.

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