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The red walled city in the centre of Beijing was literally forbidden to the ordinary population of Beijing. Inside the Emperor ruled absolutely. He had hundreds of concubines to keep him occupied and thousands of eunuchs, loyal to only he. These eunuch's had real power it was they who administered the nation. A huge bureaucracy operating inside a walled city with no way for ordinary people to have a say or change anything. Amazingly this situation lasted upto 1900. It must have had an effect upon the psyche of the Chinese nation, to have been cut off from the rest of the world for so long. Visibly emerging now are the new Emperors of China: its young middle class, English speaking and with commercial attitudes. The articles here – in no particular order – aim to collectively give the reader a modern none propagandized view of China:

Links to Articles: The Impressions of China

Links to Articles: The Impressions of China

Introduction and url links to The Impressions of China: a mixture of articles and commentaries on ancient and modern China. China's place in the modern world, its unique history and how this is playing out in modern times of changing attitudes and conditions and the pressures within modern China: all exerting an influence upon this emerging economic super power and its people. Basically, the Western media's portrayal of China is outmoded, out of date and opinionated. Every news story has a slant which carries on the outdated view of China as a communist adversary. When in China its hard to find any communists, certainly within its huge young generation. The young generation with females far outnumbering males are adopting western commercial attitudes, sadly at the expense of their own 4000 year old culture. However these old cultural themes are underlying and strong, so it will be interesting to see the results of a new modern culture emerging and hopefully with the best of values, less consumerism and a little more Confucianism! IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">AWAKING DRAGON</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">POLITICAL</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">ADVERTISING</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">BEIJING OPERA</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href=">KTV</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href=">BEIJING PARKS</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href=">TEMPLES of CHINA</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">THE FORBIDDEN CITY</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">THE GREAT WALL</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href=">">STREET WORKERS</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">MOONCAKES</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">TEA</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">HERBAL MEDICINE</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">TIBETAN MADONNA</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">SECRET TIBET</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">SHAMBHALA – TIBET</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">BEIJING</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">DALIAN</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">HONG KONG</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">GUANGZHOU</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">QI</a> IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: <a href="">FALUN GONG</a> <a href="">PARK LIFE<a/><br />Cultural-China <a href="">Link</a>

Bad News makes the news

Bad News makes the news

Have you noticed that 99% of all news is bad, negative?
Not much good news is found in Western media regarding China, it always appears to be adversarial. Like in the recent New York Times running a wealth smear story about Chinese retiring president Wen Jiaboa. When the very same story and questions could be asked about many Western leaders. The general population has less and less faith in leaders without these things whether true or false, but get a balance when running such stories.

So may politicians around the world have financial corruption issues: the entire European Commission, and a considerable number of British MPs were exposed a few years back. There is a failure in those seeking political power, a weakness; its this flaw in their personality that makes the saying – power attracts the corrupt and absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptible.

For China lets hope these matters can be addressed as it is the main issue of complaint by the general population, so much so that it could topple the PRC.

However, possible in this case its one example of the bias in all forms of western media stories about China unless its about Pandas.

You could get a balanced view of media and news reports by watching both Western news sources and at least now and again in comparison looking at China TV News. For balance.

Sadly it does copy the Western format of Fox and BBC presentation in style to some degree, but then without copying an established style it would be seen as parochial.

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