Is Denver Right For You?

Denver is one of those towns that you either love to love or you don’t.  Why?  Well, weather is always a factor.  If you love extremes in temperatures, then it’s a wonderful place.  Consider that it will reach an average of 74 in July, which is known to be the hotest month.  I love that temperature, but that’s the summer, what about winter.  Well, that’s what causes problems for most people.  With the winter months comes snow and an average temperature of 29.9 degrees. 

That’s not bad either, at least not for me.  But if you’re one of those that doesn’t like the snow, consider that Denver may still be the right town for you.  How can that be?  I know a ton of people that are snow bunny’s.  Once the temperature drops they are gone.  But they come back because they don’t do the hot-hot that comes with so many other towns.  

Then there’s the sports!

The weather
is relatively mild all year around in Denver!

The Homes And Country Side

The next things that sets Denver apart is so many other places is the setting and homes. The Colorado Rockies are beautiful unlike any other.  They are huge, and massive which serves as an area for protection.   It is also part of the reason that they have those beautiful mounts to ski on.  That alone makes it a priceless place to work.  

There homes are out of this world with beauty.  No not all of them, but those that I’ve seen are insaine!  If you doubt this, check these homes that are listed with Denver Real Estate Moguls.  Their beauty cannot be denied and again, there’s something for everyone!  Imagine if you will have your home nesseled at the foot of this picture and how much fishing, hunting and rest you will get.  That too is priceless. 

The Colorado Rockies
make Denver a priceless place to live.

Is Denver For You109998

Sports And The Night Life

So you’re not into fishing or hunting, then you’re probably into sports.  Most people are to one extreme or the other and that brings us to one of the greatest football teams of all times, the Denver Bronco’s.  Having lived where there’s no sports (and no soccer doesn’t count) I can tell you when you’re without them you do truly miss them.  It’s something that once you’ve experienced a sport in person, watching it on television, just doesn’t work.

Then there’s the night life, with the night clubs that are alive, movies, and all the rest of those outdoor events that you love to love.  It’s a community that you will never forget, and it’s on that you’ll always chose to love.  Not because you have to, but because there’s no other choice with all that it offers. 

Ahhhh for the love of the game...
there’s nothing like football!

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