Ohio State Buckeyes Pillow Pets

Ohio State Pillow Pets

Ohio State Buckeye Pillow Pets are the perfect gift. If you are a Buckeye fan then so are the kids around you. What better way to show it than to get a Ohio State Buckeyes Pillow Pet for your little Buckeye fan. A stuffed animal with the big O on it that folds out to make the perfect pillow.
These Buckeye Pillow Pets are a a must have in a Buckeye household and make for a perfect gift. Your little one will cuddle up nightly with this little guy. Get the standard Ohio State Pillow Pet or the Night Light Pillow Pet, both are a great way to make a little Buckeye smile.

Buckeyes Pillow Pets

Folded out this Ohio State Buckeyes Pillow Pet looks like a jersey. Complete with the OSU colors and the “O” as the jersey number. As soft as it is cool. Closed up this little Buckeye Pillow Pet makes a perfect stuffed animal to add to the collection. Grown ups can get them too.

NCAA Ohio State Buckeyes Mascot Pillow Pet

Ohio State buckeyes Plush Blanket

You can’t have an Ohio State Buckeyes Pillow Pet without an Ohio State plush Blanket. This Ohio State Buckeyes Plush blanket is hue at 60″ by 80″. Cover up with some Buckeye Pride.

Ohio State Buckeyes 60″x80″ Royal Plush Raschel Throw Blanket Warm Durability Machine Washable

Ohio State Buckeyes Dream Lite Pillow Pet

Turn the room into a star filled sky with this Ohio State Pillow Pet with a built in night light. Three AA batteries and a 20 minute auto shut off makes this Pillow Pet the perfect gift for the little ones that are afraid of the dark and you know you are going to love that big O on the ceiling.

NCAA Ohio State Buckeyes Dream Lite Pillow Pet

OSU Buckeyes Pillow Pets

NCAA Ohio State Buckeyes Backpack Pal

Ohio State Pillow Pal Slippers

Ohio State Buckeyes Pillow Pal slippers keep your feet nice and warm during those cold football games. Walk around in style in some Ohio State Pillow Pal slippers with Brutus leading the way.

Ohio State Buckeyes Adult Pillow Pals Slippers

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