Spring Sports Bring Spring Injuries

Spring Sports

When spring comes, so does the excitement of getting outdoors and becoming active again.  Yes there are plenty of winter sports as well, this was most recently shown with the winter Olympics, but in reality most people stay inside and keep as warm as they can when winter hits, which is one of the things that makes spring so special.  When spring time comes and activity grows kids are our best example of what to do; they run outside and become active.
Active sports are a wonderful thing, our bodies after all are meant to be active, that’s why kids have difficulty stay still for such a long period of time.    

Spring sports...
take all the energy that’s been locked up for the winter, and lets it lose on the spring sports.

Spring Sports

Spring sports are so diverse that there’s something out there for everyone.  Yes, I know that there are plenty of people out there that say they ‘hate’ exercise.  But if you stop and ask them what they hate, they almost always say that they ‘hate’ running.  If you ask them how many other sports or physical activities that they have tried, there are few if any.  So for your consideration, here is a partial list of spring sport activities. 
Since we’ve already mentioned running (also walking), will start with that one.  An advantage to running, you can do it most any place any time.  You also don’t need equipment other than running shoes. You don’t need experience you just get out there and do it.  
Soccer, football and flag football.  I mention soccer with both types of football, because in other parts of the world, they are called the same thing.  Flag football and soccer pretty much require the same things; shoes a place to run and football.  And clearly with flag football, flags are needed.  If you’re a loner, these sports are not for you for obvious reasons…you’re not alone. 
Hiking.  With hiking things can become more difficult.  I say can because you can go for a short hike through a well worn path that takes only minutes.  Quick and easy and you will need nothing else.  On the other hand, if you have hiking in your blood, you may need a fancy back pack, camping equipment, canteens and all kinds of other supports to help you with your activity.
Baseball and Basketball.  Again these are team sports.  They require little support for starting:  As little as four people, a ball and shoes, that’s eat.  Yes, you can have a big court made, uniforms and so forth, but you don’t have to. 
Kayaks and Canoes.  Both of these require some equipment, but if you like to be alone, this may be something that works for you.  All you need is a paddle, canoe or kayak.  There are somethings that you can get that are just plain smart like a life vest, but it’s not mandatory.  The other thing you’ll need is water.  

can be something that you do for the rest of your life. You just need to find what you like to do.


Arguably the biggest challenge of spring and sports is not getting injured.  What commonly happens is people go from being sedentary because of the winter months into full activity.  The result of doing this is injuries.  They can range anywhere from something mild like springs and hyper extension to something major like compound fractures. 
There are a handful of reasons these occur include everything from people not taking the time to warm up (ankle’s and wrist), the activity is inherently dangerous to things just happen.  If you want to avoid these you can stay on the couch, but that’s no fun.  
If you should get injured consider going to an urgent care instead of the traditional emergency room.  You’ll spend less as well as be seen faster.  If you don’t know urgent care doctors are usually emergency room doctors first.  Their desire is to ease the burden of emergency rooms, but yet still practice their trades.  For the most part, urgent cares have everything that emergency rooms do, just not the long waits and high bills. 

warm up, stretch and give yourself enough time until your season begins to get back in shape.

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