The Lesser Known Spring Cleaning Activity

Spring Cleaning

It’s a common thing to Spring clean, in fact it’s usually about this time of year giver or take a couple of weeks, when you start hearing advertisements that tell you what cleaning supplies and storage supplies you need.  This is an understandable activity, it’s a good thing to clean all of those outgrown clothes out of the way.  All those clothes that no longer fit.  Extra papers, holiday ornaments and the list goes on of things that need to be tossed.
While you’re aware of these intricacies and probably a great deal more, one spring cleaning that you’ve probably not given any consideration to is your body.  That’s right, when you do your physical house’s spring cleaning, why not also jump start your personal house as well?
It’s with that thought in mind, that I’d like to give you some ideas to jump start your personal house cleaning.  Your diet!

It's time to clean out those
nasty eating habits that you picked up during the winter.

What To Eat And Drink!

While it’s not rocket science, a reminder of what to eat and drink is a good thing, especially if it’s been a hard winter and holiday season for you.  Consider changing at least one glass of soda a day for one bottle of water.  It’s not a major change and because of that reason, it’s going to be considerable easier to maintain this good habit. 
Secondly change one starch for a vegetable.  That’s right and not just any old vegetable, something that contains lots of water and fiber.  Such things as strawberries, watermelon (while a summer fruit, its on stands now), melons, mango, pineapple, peas, lettuce, artichokes and so forth.
While this are wonderful examples, this is by far an incomplete list of those fruits and vegetables that you can use to clean house in your personal spring. 

Spring cleaning yoru body...
can also mean detoxing it and getting ride of toxins that have built up!

The Lesser Known Spring Cleaning Activity81566

2 Ways To Have An Organic Detox

There are 2 primary ways to have an organic detox, and I suspect neither of them will be a surprise to you.  First is to buy organic food in the supermarket.  Simply put you go and pay triple the prices that you would normally buy for fresh produce in stores. 
If however, you aren’t wanting or willing to do that, you can buy the seeds and grow them yourself.  You can do this in two basic ways:  An outdoor garden or a grow box. Depending on where you live and how much room you have, is going to be the primary factor as to which one you chose.  Where I leave, the choice is simple the grow box. 

Go organic...
when every you can. If you aren’t able to with all fruits and vegetables, make sure you do with thin skinned ones such as grapes, apples and the like.

The Lesser Known Spring Cleaning Activity81572

You Grow It!

Growing your own fruits and vegetables give you the ultimate in making sure your fruits and veggies are organic.  While some of this control is part of growing a garden outdoors and there’s plenty of merit in that, ultimate control comes with using grow boxes.
How and why?  The how is simple, grow boxes can be indoor and that eliminates any of the pollution, spraying or most any other negative environmental elements.  Grow boxes are wonderful for beginners, for many reasons including many come with everything but the seeds that you need in order to grow your veggies and fruits.  
If you haven’t tried grow boxes, give it a try you have nothing to lose. 

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