Making a Pizza Can be an Enjoyable Experience

Vegetable pizza can be very tasty if made with great care and attention. Lovers of pizzas simply like to eat variety of them much to their hearts content. Pizza bread forms the base of the vegetable pizza. It is advisable that you use either wheat flour or all purpose flour in the preparation of the pizza base or pizza bread. Although it is available at your favorite departmental store you would love to prepare the base yourself for you will find it a thrilling experience.

Take some warm water and dissolve sugar in it. You should then add yeast to it and allow it to remain like that for about 20 minutes. Take a vessel and mix the flour of your choice and mix it with sufficient amount of olive oil. Continue the process until the flour becomes dough. In other words the flour-mix should be allowed to lose its sticky nature. If you keep on adding olive oil towards the end then you will see that the flour is transformed into dough. You need not hesitate to use your hand to roll it into a ball. Just allow the dough to remain in the vessel for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. You will find it as a nice base!

Now you should aim at preparing the sauce for your pizza. You can use the veggies of your choice in the making of the pizza sauce. Tomatoes, garlic and capsicum can be used to begin with. Tomatoes should be nicely chopped and cooked with olive oil and garlic. Make sure that you fry garlic sufficiently enough. Onion, capsicum and olives should be jointly marinated along with basil leaves. You should add sufficient quantities of pepper and salt to the mixture before adding it to the chopped tomatoes. Allow them to get cooked for sufficient time.

Your lovely and tasty pizza veggie sauce becomes ready to be smeared on the already prepared pizza base. What more you need to do! Just spread the well-prepared sauce or veggies on the base or bread and spread cheese too if you want. Now keep the entire preparation inside your oven and allow it to get baked for about 20 minutes. Veggie pizza is ready! Just serve hot and enjoy with your family and friends.

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