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Spring brings with it many changes.  Including my favorite of all, the ends of winter.  I love winter, well at least parts of it, but I love spring.  One of my families favorite things is going to the beach and spending the day, and if possible the entire weekend.  It means that the cold winter has finally passed and flowers are blossoming. 
Well, flowers blossom if they’ve been planted or are some that ‘hibernate’, when winter is preparing to arrive.  If you haven’t planted those times of plants and flowers, then you will need to consider planting them now.  That’s part of the preparation in order to have flowers blossom in the spring.
But what if you want more than flowers from the spring, what if you want fruits and vegetables?  Well, now is also the time to start planting them.  Consider the following ways to have a garden for the spring. 

With spring...
comes the blossoming of flowers and the planting of gardens.

Types Of Gardens

Types Of Gardens

When you’re looking at having a garden, there are two major types of gardens that you may plant.  While I won’t handle all of the questions or challenges here, I will discuss some common solutions as I discuss the two methods of planting vegetable gardens.  
The first method of planting gardens is by containers.  There are many advantages to having container gardens.  If you have limited space, or live in an apartment you’re not going to be able to plant a traditional garden, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fresh vegetables. 
But what it does mean is that you have to consider alternatives and that option maybe containers.  With containers you can grow all the same vegetables and vine plants and yes some fruits that you would in a traditional.  
Containers allow for control for pesticide free vegetables and an abudance of what you like to eat year round.  

Garden Containers...
can solve the problem of fresh vegetables if you have no yard for a traditional garden!

Its Time To Plant84384

Traditional Gardens

Traditional gardens are what most people think of when you talk about planting a garden.  It means that you have enough land that you can plant and grow vegetables.  It means that you can potentially grow as much as you want.  Like with container gardens, you have the ability to determine if you want organic vegetables or use pesticides.  But unlike container gardens, you have no way to control bugs coming and eating the leaves off of your plants. 
You also may not be able to control if someone comes and eats from your garden.  I remember this was the challenge of my grandmothers garden.  She was told old to put a fence around her garden, and neighborhood kids would come and eat from her garden. If on the other hand your yard is fenced, this wont be an issue.  

Traditional gardens...
can give you plenty of crop and lots of harvest.


The type of garden that you plant is half of the fun.  The other half of the fun is getting to eat what you personally grew and grew with your own hands.  I might add that it’s not as important what you plant or even what experience that you have.  What’s important is that you start the garden of your choice and enjoy it.  Don’t make it a stressor, but rather something that is joyful and lowers your stress.

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