Winter Plants

Winter Wonderland

Winter is approaching fast and with it comes the challenge of keeping your environments warm!  Yes, when there’s the white stuff at first is fun, and soon becomes boring.  But along with that, there seems to be know life in anything, which is exactly what you don’t like about winter…everything seems to be dead.  But for your consideration is the wonderful concept of winter plants.  I wasn’t sure if there was such a thing, so I did a little bit of investigation and found out that there are winter plants.  
Most of the plants that I found were from or had a base in China!  Does that mean that there’s not?  Certainly not!  But it does mean that the heart of them are.  You can find plants that will work and bloom through the winter should you chose to.  You don’t have to have snow blindness and no color.  Take a look at the following plants, and maybe just maybe some of them will work for you!

Winter plants...
can be more than something to look at, they can be something that helps you stay health!

Winter Plants

 It may sound strange that I am doing a category  for winter plants alone, but the reason for this is simple: there are also winter trees.  Therefor I’m going to make a category for some of the trees that will thieve during the autumn and fall as well.  So first things first: Plants.  

Plants, the first plant is called Hellebores.  It is a plant that is rather small considering different types of plants, having a limited height of only 15 inches.  The beauty of that is obvious, it will be wonderful for inside of the home.  Yes, most have this plant exteriorly, but the more creative understand the freedom of doing things differently.  This is a plant that is known to bloom in January, the second coldest month of the year.  
If you don’t like the one in this picture, consider that this is one of 20 different species.   You’re bound to find one of those that you do like.  Consider also, that this plant likes to be sheltered, hidden in shady areas and watered uniformly. 
Next in line is Bergenia also called a Bergenia Cordifolia, it is an  evergreen perennials and grows to be only 2 feet tall.  Again, this is a wonderful attribute for an indoor plant. It also loves to be watered and be in the sun.  If you want a plant that is beautiful in color, this may just be the one for you.
While I’m stopping here, know  there are many other plants that you can get to be beautiful in the winter time.  Color doesn’t stop with the spring!

Trees in the winter take on different
characteristics than in the summer.

Winter Trees

Winter Trees

Next up is witch hazel. Women know a derivative of this plant, because it’s common to use it after having a baby.    The most common locations this plant are found are: Florida, Texas and Ontario, Canada.    This tree can grow to be 20 feet tall, and loves to be located in the shade, often below another larger more substantial tree.

Lastly for trees is one called Crape Myrtle.  It grows to be 25 feet tall and will have groupings of flowers 6-12 inches around.  This tree loves lots of water and the sun, but prefers to be covered.  This is another tree that loves to brighten 
Now if all of this sounds a bit confusing, consider that there are companies like All Oregon.  These people are specialist in the field and know what will and wont work for your region. 

regardless of season, can be challenging!

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