Winter Furniture For Winter Warmth


December is a cold month, depending on where you live, will depend on how cold it is.  Having said that, there are some things that you can do to make yourself and home a warmer place.  Yes, you can always dress in warmer clothes, blankets and the like.  Which is why I tend to prefer the winter over the summer.
Why?  Because I can only take some much off, in the winter, I can always pile more on!  But, what about your home?  It is the place where you spend 2/3 of your life, and your bedroom is 1/3 of that!  What do you do to make those places warmer?
I have some suggestions, part of it is psychological, part is physical things that you can buy, if you don’t have them already in order to make your home a warmer place.  So let’s get started, so that you can have a warm home in time for winter! 

December brings with it...
The coldest month of the year!

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Your Home Decore

When you first walk into your home, what do you see?  Is it blank white walls?  If some, consider changing their color, specifically to brown.  Why?  Because brown is a warm color and it will help you to feel warmer when you walk into your living room.  You can also do this to your bedroom, so that you ‘feel’ warmer at night.  
Step two is a little bit more aggressive, you’ll have noticed it if you’ve ever rented a log cabin in the winter.  They always have animal rugs.  Yes, they may be faux, or maybe not, but it always sets the ambiance of the location for winter.  Consequently, if you get two animal rugs, and place them in your living room and bedrooms, you’re going to help with that same feeling of warmth.  
Now in order to make it more then just a ‘feeling’, add a fireplace.  If you have one make sure you’ve had it checked out by chimney sweeps.  If you don’t have one, like most of the world doesn’t, then you can buy a real one.  They can run off of electricity for those that have no way of having a ‘real’ fireplace’.  Thereby allowing you to have that same warm experiences as homes that have real fireplaces. 
Do those three things, and you’re on your way! 

Warmth begins...
in the mind!



So far, I’ve discussed a couple of things for the home decor itself, but don’t forget about the furniture.  You see, if you have chocolate walls, make sure that your living room furniture compliments those walls, and is warm as well.  
Yes, I am aware that this picture isn’t chocolate, and that’s deliberate.  To much of one color, will not only way the room down, but it will also shrink your room.  Tan is a nice natural offset to the chocolate walls.  Because they’re material it again will add warmth to the room.  
A dining room set can also be warm, by having rich dark Cappuccino finish.  Again, this adds warmth to the room, helps break the chill of winter, and consequently adds warmth to your home. 

just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t play and be hot too!

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