The wonderful world of furniture!

Yes, there is a wonderful world of furniture out there.  No matter what your taste are, there’s sure to be something that fits what you like.
I know having had children for several decades now, there’s challenges with buying new furniture.  After all,  you hate to buy something new, spend money and then turn around and before the day is done,  have it destroyed. 
You can argue about what the children have done…coloring, stabbing, or in some other way, changing the appearance of your furniture, or you can outsmart them.  I suggest to you, the later.  After all, if you outsmart them, you both get what you want.  Their artistic nature being able to bloom, and you getting new furniture.
But how can both of these come to pass.  After all, they do tend to paint, color and destroy things?  Here’s how!

Antiques are considered to be
anything over 100 years old!

Distressed Furniture

Distressed Furniture

Distressed furniture is your solution, and it can help cover a multitude of challenges.  By it’s very nature, distressed furniture is furniture that has been, made to look aged.  It has been manipulated and destroyed so that you can have furture from days gone by!
This may shock you, that you can by furniture that’s been abused, but distressing items isn’t that uncommon.  You see distressed shoes and clothing all of the time.  In fact, the wealthy will pay top dollar to get clothes that look as though they’ve been around for 20 years.  You may think it’s silly, but they do.
The same idea and concept has now crept into the furniture department, and if you have children, it’s a welcomed blessing.  Consider the following.

Distressed furniture
is furniture that has been deliberately manipulated and destroyed to look older than it is!

Custom Furniture63077

Advantages of distressed furniture

There are numerous advantages to distressed furniture, especially in comparison to antiques. 
For example, if your kids paint, ding or color it, it’s going to add to the pieces beauty.  Why?  Well the why should be obvious and simple to see.  If it’s deliberately been banged to be distressed, then your children are simply adding to that beauty.
Another advantage is you don’t have to worry about it breaking.  You’ll have a solid piece of furniture that shouldn’t break easily.  One that you no longer have to worry about something happening to it.
That translates into piece of mind, and a well spent dollar.
On a side note, remember that antiques and distressed furniture aren’t the same thing.  An antique is something that is 100 years old, and distressed is something that’s made to look like it’s 100 years old.  Antiques are something that are extremely fragile and often for display purposes only, where as distressed furniture is new and usually solid in how it’s made.  Both have a type of value, and can be appreciated for their diversity.  Often times the two can be blended in order to add a rich culture to the rooms and homes that they are in.

You have a choice...
you can make distressed furniture, or you can buy it. With antiques, you can only buy them!

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