What’s Unique?

I love things that are unique!  It doesn’t really matter what it is, just that it’s unique.  Where food is concerned, I’m not so into unique, but in most other ways, I am.  For example, I love people that don’t just go out of the box with hair styles, but blow the box up.   I love when they have different shades of hair, and when they do unique designs in them.  
I love cars that are unlike anything I’ve seen before, and you know that it’s something so special, that few will ever have it.  I love original movies, that when you watch them, everything in them is unique to that movie.  I’ve seen many of recent, all pulling things from other movies.
Then there’s homes!  I love homes that are unique, and not out of the cookie cutter.  I hate track homes. One of the reason for this dislike is a burglar can go into the model home, and learn the layouts for your home.  Often times, they even have a printout of the layout, to assist in this matter.  I’ve seen water towers made into home, of which I love!
Then there’s furniture!  How I love furniture that breaks the mold, and takes things to the next level.  Furniture that is unique and makes you wonder where they got it, and if you can get it as well. The furniture can be modern, contemporary, an antique or even distressed. 

To be unique, is an individual thing...
but to like unique can be an acquired thing.

Bedroom and Living room!

Bedroom and Living room!

Beds are one of those things that often is consider to be hard to find.  Part of the reason is because we’re stuck in the mindset that a bed must be rectangular, but that’s simply not the case.  The rectangular form of beds, is something that makes them ‘easier’ to find into our rectangular homes.  
If our homes were round, we’d probably find that round beds, would work better than square ones.  Thereby making round the norm and rectangular, unique.  The introduction picture is that of a round bed.  I love it!  Here is another, that you may like too!
Living rooms have their own set of challenges, again a lot of that has to do with rooms being rectangles, and most furniture being in that format.  I’ve seen chairs that were shells, beds, and more, it’s just a matter of looking for something outside of the normal realm.  I’ve found an online site that has may creative things in it that can be a starting point for you, called Moa Stores.  
 When you’re looking for new furniture, consider that you don’t have to look for adults only.   There are tons of furniture that is for children as well.  I’ve included this unique soccer ball that can give you an idea of what’s out there.   


If you only look for ordinary...
then that’s probably all that you’re going to find. It’s not that it doesn’t exist, it’s just that you’re not looking for it!

Lighting, Lighting And More Lighting.

Lighting, Lighting And More Lighting.

Lighting can make the room or break it.  It’s the same principal as the paint on the walls.  If it’s white, it’s bland and theirs not life.  If it’s not, and there’s color, it suddenly springs to life.
Lightening is used for ‘setting the mood’, and for making sure someone doesn’t get hurt.  If you doubt it, consider this little lamp.  It can be fun for the kids room, or it can be something that a room is built around.  You can make a room underwater, like the ocean or you can make it a forest.  All because of the lighting, ironically, its something that most people give little if any thought to.  
Yet, if you consider what amusement parks do with lighting.  They build entire attractions around them, and the impact that lights have.  Las Vegas, as learned this impact, consider how different the town is during the day, but how it changes when the lights come on at night.  Lighting!!!  That’s the only difference in these things.  
So when you’re designing your home, outdoors and indoors, don’t forget to make sure that you have unique lighting in it.  Because it can and will make a difference. 

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