Pardon the Prostitution

Pimps, gigolos, prostitutes, strippers, and escorts are all a part of the sex and adult entertainment industry. The most popular place for this is the state of Nevada. That is the place where it is also rumored to have “special” ranches. Everywhere else it is illegal. For years, many people have tried to come up with a solution to this problem. Well, there is a solution and it is a big one:

In each major city of each state, let prostitution be legal. The age limit would be eighteen. If prostitutes are found outside of the major and only city of each state where prostitution is allowed, all people found guilty would be transported to that particular city where the prostitute is registered.
Any continuous violations of this put into law would be arrested, and so on. This would be the same for pimps, gigolos, and escorts. If this would be legalized, there would be another problem:

Clients using their services who get the nerve to want a regular boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with someone who doesn’t do this kind of stuff. The solution:

Put the clients on a registry so that the potential girlfriend, etc. would be able to see on the internet that this guy is a walking health hazard. She would think twice (hopefully) before ever hooking up with a person like this. Another way to be able to solve the problem would be to also have a prostitute registry.
This means that every prostitute could also be looked up on the internet, etc. Including on today’s most popular web sites. The towns where everyone in this business that does this would be split in half. That would be if that particular town/city doesn’t have any train tracks. If they do, then that would be the separation boundary (the train tracks).
Further, law enforcement wouldn’t be allowed in that area near this particular domain, unless a 911 phone call is made, or to come and investigate when necessary. They say “all the wild ones and weirdos come out at night.” In this case, it would be 24/7.

Red Light Special!
Tonight’s the night! Coming to a town near you!
No stakeout tonight.
Only areas not included in “red light” areas.

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