Behind Love

As we all know, love defines as a mind blowing experience of endless happiness, in which we transcend our ability, otherwise we create things that we can’t even think of. Love creates life, it is a symbiotic mechanism of humans for survival. It is necessary, therefore it brings us to infinity and possibility. These are what love gives us,  it is the greatest addiction of all time. In which we transcend our awareness, and creates an unexplained hallucination for future possibilities. Love defines life, not our biology, not our ability to survive and not even death. Without love, we are worthless matter that exist without role. We are aware, perhaps i can say we are all deny our mortality. We are scared that we are living cell that multiply,generate and soon we will be deteriorated. We are keeping away ourselves from the cycle of all the species, reproduction and decomposition. That is our undeniable process, we reproduce because we decompose. And we fall in love because we’re all mortal! Yes, nobody will survive without love, because it covers the idealism of our mortality. Our chemical addiction spreading in our mind resulting hallucination, the ecstatic feeling of high and empowered. So, love is everything, generation by generation, replication to multiplication. Now, we crack the code and it will tell you literally what the world really is. As the most complex, sophisticated and intelligent specie in the entire planet, we are the one who suppose to understand the real definition of it. And it will tell you the essence of your existence, the value of everything. We survive because we are in love and be loved. The world has its own identity because we are the only specie the gives high perspective about love, and that creates world without limit. Create everything from our limited resources. The idea that love is human and human is love is what make sense of the world. It explains why we human has distance from another form of the species.

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