There is no Greater Love than the Love of that comes from our Heavenly Father

General assessment Review of oneself:

How do you honestly see yourself?

What are your weakness? What are your strengths?

What do mostly like and admire about you?

What areas do you believe you need to work developing further?

What are your talents. 

Describe briefly how your friends or spouse or children in their eyes sees you?



Every living human being once a while may evaluate themselves. I don’t care if they came from a strong family or what background of what faith they are. We learn and we grow what we already summarize what we have learned from our mistakes we made through life. Some may take longer to learn from their mistakes. We are human and we may fall in our human flesh weakness.

In God’s eyes, he knows we are human beings, for he created us in his own image. so he don’t need to evaluate us. He knows our weakness and he knows our strengths. Regardless though, He loves us unconditionally. He knows the desires of our hearts. The way others look at us doesn’t matter what they may think or approve of us. If we try to change ourselves just for someone to like us then we are not being honest and true to ourselves. 
The final judgment comes from God, not man. sometimes love can hurt deeply and be devastating when individuals love one deeply but the other don’t return that love as the individual wanted them to love them. Major role in life is how individuals persons look at themselves and major tole in their feelings of high self-esteem which leaves their feelings unique, competent, secure, empowered and supportive of those with whom they interact and come in contact with.

Think with a positive attitude, think you can, think you can’t is a negative thought, either way you look at it, you be right . Don’t put your life in other hands or fate, circumstances or in people’s hands or events or stars or circumstances, take charge of your life and Believe in yourself. God blessed every human being with their own gifts. search for your talents and gifts inside and take time to evaluate yourself but most of all one has to “Believe” in themselves!

Personality strengths

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