How To Really Love Yourself

How do You Show You Love Yourself?

All of us want to be loved (unless there is a serious problem) there are thousands of books, movies and plays written about love. Many are looking for love right now on the internet, or reading a book about love right now. Many fantasize about that perfect one coming into their lives! Some after years of trying to without result, become bitter and angry blaming life on their lonely plight in life.

There are also many that just want to have loving friends and family, are they want to have better health, mentally, physically and emotionally. But they just don’t know how to go about getting it. They know that if they could just change their life somehow that they would be able to have that happiness that they are searching for.

Love Your Self First

Love Your Self First

In order to have real love in your life, you have to live yourself. Period. There is no shortcut. So what are some basics that you you need to employ in your day to day life?

1. In order to have good and lasting friends in your life. You have to be a good friend yourself. If you want people in your life that are truthful, trustworthy, respectful and considerate then you must be this way yourself.

2. If you want a marriage mate that listens to what you have to say, that respects your point of view, that is there for you and backs you up then you need to stand up for them, listen to them when they are telling you about some situation or problem and tell them they did a good job.

3. Want to have a close relationship with your children? Accept the fact that they are their own person, reason with them instead of hollering and threatening. When they have done something wrong, sit down and talk to them, without telling them they did wrong help them to see where they went wrong, ask questions? “how do you feel about what just happened” “why do you feel that way” “do you think that it was right”? Most of the time they will come to the right conclusion.

4. Want people in your life that take care of their health, eat right and are positive in their outlook. You must eat right, exercise, and be positive and encouraging in your outlook, pretty soon you will have more of the same in your life.

We attract who we are in our thinking and emotions, whatever our emotions are really strong in. let’s say you are thinking that you want a raise, but your emotions (feelings) are strong in telling you no. Chances are you are not going to get that raise. If your emotions are strong in telling you yes, then you probably will get that raise. Ever notice how some people will say, I knew that was going to happen, that’s because they felt strongly about it. Another person may have thought the same thing and nothing happened because they did not feel that strongly about it. Love yourself the way you want to be loved, feel strongly about those things that matter to you the most and watch your life change.

You Need To Know You Are Special
There is no one else on this planet like you, you are unique and special just by being born, so bring your uniqueness to life. Be the best that you can be. You deserve the best that life has to offer so offer your best to life.
Loving yourself does not mean that you are stuck on being superior and proud, it means that you realize that you are worthy of love just like anybody else and you know that you have things to offer that are different and unique, you know your own gifts are important, perhaps you have the gift of bringing people together, or the gift of listening, or the gift of baking, or sewing something special that make others happy or the gift of humor that makes people laugh. Whatever it is you know that you have something special.
Falling is Love with You

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