Getting to the bottom of the negative energy in your life.

Do you have a lot of stress and negative energy in your life?.
What has got you so stressed and unhappy?
Do you actually know?
Is it day to day stress, bills, your job, your relationship?

These are 3 areas that seem to play a big part of our life stress. Let’s look at these areas and see if we can figure out a way to target those into positive energy. The first area is bills, they just don’t seem to go away, ever tried setting up you bills for 2 parts in the month, eg. 1st of the month and 15th of the month. Having you payments bundle together as far as when they need to get pay sometimes can be helpful.If you are in debt and having trouble paying off current debt please do not take out a loan, unless you are consolidating and lowering your payment and your interest. If you are able to lower your payment please seriously think about taking that difference and investing wisely. I am not a financial planning so seek a professional if you are serious about make a financial change in your life. When it comes to money, there is only one way to take control…planning. Planning how you are going to pay off debt, how you are going to invest, etc. When you have a solid plan, you feel more in control and if you have a plan written and you can visually check off as you go, it’s a good feeling of accomplishment.


The next area, that from time to time can bring negative energy to your life, is your job. Are you do what you love? If the answer is no, that’s part of the problem. Do you feel unpaid? If the answer is yes, another problem. I want you to take a good look at your job and why you are in it. Is there something else you can be doing right now that would make you happier?. If you can then do it, but if not then you need to look at your job as a pathway to where you are going. Knowing it’s only temporary and everyday is a step towards you opening the door to your dream career.

Last but not least, marriages/relationships.How many of you have all the love and butterflies in the beginning and as the relationship processes you start wondering where is that person you fell in love with. It’s easy to fall in love, we alway put our best foot forward in the beginning. Now truly loving someone once you have gotten to know them, loving inside and out, we all have our flaws …. that is another story. We all bring something different to the table, at some point we find a person that we can communicate with, that inspire us and that respects us. When we find that we think I can say “I do”. At least that what I hope you have found but please remember first that you must unconditionally love yourself before you can truly love anyone else. So with that said when you look in the mirror, are you happy with the person looking back at you? Coming to peace with who you are, loving you or making the changes needed to make you the best you … then, only then can you truly love. The love for yourself will seek through, only positive energy and the people around you can’t help but feel it.


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