Symbolic power of 7 chakra


Energy Field.
  • very essence of our being
  • Everything is vibrating at different rates and frequency.
  • Human DNA vibrates.

Vibrational Medicine.

  • Each area of the body transmits energy on a specific detail frequency…
  • Energy does not and cannot lie, no matter what we do physically to obtain health. Vibrational medicine, eg. acupuncture, massage and acupressure.
* We first need to fine tune our energy before any healing can begin.
3 Recommendations to help intuitives:
  1. Stay with your first impression.
  2. Have a reflective state of mind.
  3. Objectivity is key.
3 Principals B.M.S ( body,mind and spirit)
  1. Biography become biology: thoughts that are considered true beliefs
  2. Personal Power is necessary for health: Our attitudes and belief are extension of how we are define./ External power: something that gives people a sense of security (money,beauty, job, etc) / Internal power comes from love, forgiveness and believing in oneself.
  3. You alone can help yourself heal: energy medicine is holistic and involves the active participation of the individual or client.
To create disease, negative emotions have to be dominant.
Conventional .vs. Holistic = Passive .vs. Active.
2 Different Power Types.
  1. Acquistioners: depend on external power sources
  2. Active Power type: depend on the internal power sources.
Most people resist healing or change, because of loyalties, guilt and fear of responsibility for themselves.
Symbolic sight: seeing and understanding yourself.
3 Truths are common to these spiritual traditions and to the principals of medical intuition.
  1. Misdirecting the power of one’s spirit, that generate consequences to your body and life.
  2. Encountering challenges, that will test your allegiance to heaven.
  3. Healing from misdirection.
Chakra 1,2 and 3: engage with the physical, external power.
Chakra 4,5,6, and 7: engage with the nonphysical, internal power.
The strongest poison to human spirit is the inability to forgive ourself.
Lying is harmful to both the spirit and the body.

The 7 Chakras

The 7 Chakras

The power within all of us!

Our Power


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