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You’ve started your business, gotten your website, and now you are trying to decide how else you can get the word about your business out.
 Outside of a wonderful product, outstanding employees, a website that is clearly setting you above the rest, what else can you do to make people know and hear about your business.
Outside of the obvious things of advertising, fliers, marketing blitz there is something more subtle, but just as powerful in getting your business, your product out.
 What is it?  A press release. 

Every time...
a player gets injured, the president speaks, a well known company does something new, there’s a press release!

The Importance Of Press Releases

Every major business, every sports team, the Dow Jones, every major act and so forth, all have one thing in common.  They all have press releases.
The reason is plain and simple…it gets the word out and fast.  Consider the following times you may see a press release; someone retires, a train wreck, a baseball player retiring, or the winner of the Super Bowl.
All of these get press releases because a press release gets the word out with lightening speed.  It gets the focus on what’s important, fast.

Press Releases
are one of the first things to do once you’ve launched your business. But, that’s not the only time they can be used.

The First Press Release Isn't the Last One!

The First Press Release Isn’t the Last One!

You may be thinking that the first press release is the only one you need, but that’s simply not the case.  
Take a look at two of the current largest company’s online Microsoft and Apple.  That’s not to disrespect any other major online company, just simply the first two that I’ve seen online often.  
When these company’s come out with a new product line, they do a press release.  That alone should convince you that press releases aren’t one and done, that’s far from the truth.
 A press release isn’t something that’s done for your business one time at the grandopening and that’s it…far from it.  A press release can and should be done at any point that you’re company has something really big that needs to be shared with the world. 
That’s the simple test that you can do to determine if you need to have a press release or not.  Yes, it can be more complicated then that, but it doesn’t have to be. 
If you’re in doubt, make sure that you contact the experts and find out if it’s time for you to have one.  Odds are, if it’s been longer than one year, you need another one. 

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