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Corporate Event Management

There’s no better way to cement a long term partnership than inviting clients, partners and key members of staff to a corporate event. These types of events give you an excellent opportunity to build credibility and simultaneously showcase your products and services. The challenging part is that this class of delegates has witnessed a ton of seminars and gatherings in their lifetime, and the only way to be distinct is with the help of bespoke event management London professionals.

Corporate Hospitality in London

Fact is that getting the best ROI from corporate hospitality events is not as easy as it is made out to be, and there are a number of factors to consider. Before you get started, it is important to consider your clients interests to determine the perfect theme for the event. Sporting events are a great place to share corporate talk and there are a plethora of choices for 2014 to include the Wimbledon Championships. A recent survey in London revealed that over 70% of event planners relied on bespoke event management solutions to develop positive long term positive business partnerships.

Most clients love to share their personal sporting passions and interests, and using them to craft your corporate event simply proves that you pay attention to detail and value them as individuals. Apart from gathering their interests, there are a number of other aspects to consider including style, budget, capacity and costs associated with bespoke event management London services. Regardless of whether you’re treating a client for the first time or a long term business partner, style is a crucial aspect of bespoke event management.

If you need more time to speak business especially when you are courting a new business partner, all day sporting events such as a one day cricket test match are a good choice. Contrarily, if you’re looking to impress an existing client, inviting them to a more concentrated venue might be a better choice. Examples of such include a sporting dinner or a football match in London. Deciding on a budget is definitely a tricky aspect, where the costs of bespoke event management London services can easily spiral out of control. The best way to agree on a budget is by determining the value of your clients and how much their business means to you.

By way of example, your bespoke event management London firm can arrange a cost effective sporting dinner for a group of low value clients or a personal approach for major contributors to your business. Just like most business decisions, you need to evaluate the different options and costs/benefits associated with them to determine your budget. Speaking of budget, bespoke event management London packages are cost effective event solutions and are offered by most event planning firms.

These packages are generally tailor made to suit a variety of different styles, guests and event sizes. To avoid any nasty surprises, it is good idea to get a detailed breakdown of the costs from your event management company. Although the costs of most bespoke corporate events include a complimentary bar, others require a credit card only to be billed afterwards. This may be a costly affair so it is best to clarify this with your event organizers. 

Another example and most overlooked is transport, and although most guests arrange their own means of commute, it might be a good idea to oblige especially if you’re expecting a sizable number of guests in attendance or if your event is held out of the city. On that note, the geographical location can play a major role towards your budget and is worth considering.

Lastly but most important, it is crucial to choose a reputable bespoke event management planner to avoid any disappointments. Ways to determine the best fit are by scouring through their portfolio, reading reviews and references among others. When it comes to corporate gatherings, it is important to justify your budget across the platform, and bespoke event management London services is a profound way of getting it right the first time.

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