Bridge Over Troubled Water A Song Of Friendship

Bridge Over Troubled Water of Simon and Garfunkel

Bridge over Troubled Water is a song of friendship and love. Bridge over Troubled Water was written by Paul Simon and sang by Art Garfunkel.  Simon and Garfunkel are American Duo. They were friends since they were young and started making songs release and hit the record.  Bridge over troubled water was a hit song of 70s. Still the sage meaning of friendship in this song is timeless and the music can be enjoyed at all ages.

Bridge Over Troubled Water Memories of Yesteryear

 Bridge over Troubled Water is a beautiful song.  I heard my father singing it with such feelings and expressions some odd years ago. I could not even decipher the meaning of the lyrics.  I just remembered the lovely melody.    It is one of the reasons that at a very tender age I learned to love music and fondly appreciate classic. 

 Listening to the song brings back those memories. The way I understand it now is that the writer compares himself to a bridge.  He will lay himself down like a bridge in order for a friend to pass through the bridge to get to the other end. During those hard times like being engulf with troubled water he will ease a friend’s burden, drying the tears in the eyes.  The song is poetic but can be understood and felt if one is willing to be a real friend.  Perhaps a simple time can be worthwhile if shared with old friend and with old songs and familiar melodies.  Much more than that if a friend can be with you through hard times and just sail right behind. 

Old Friends: Bridge Over Troubled Water

 Recently I was able to watch on DVD Simon and Garfunkel Old Friend Live on Stage.  It was an outstanding performance.  I saw the audience being pan on camera how they sang along, groove a little with some folk rocks sang by the artistic duo.  But when Bridge over Troubled Water started in tune, it was fantastic.   I always sing the song when I hear it played and it is as beautiful as I remembered.

 As I am listening to Bridge over Troubled Water, it has inspired me to write even a small portion on this page.  Lovely song even they are old are meaningful and I am thankful for people with beautiful mind and beautiful feelings. 

 Paul Simon has written one of the most beautiful lyrics about friendship and Art Garfunkel has captured and demonstrated a profound emotion as he sang the song making the Bridge over Troubled Water a timeless classic.  


“If you need a friend, I am sailing right behind”

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