Kenny G Plays Beautiful Relaxing Music

Kenny G The Best Contemporary Saxophonist

 Kenneth Bruce Gorelick or popularly known as Kenny G is the best saxophonist in this modern days. His music is smooth jazz.  When one listened to his instrumental music one can actually hear the flawless and smooth rendition of every song like gliding through the air which is indeed a relaxing music.  I first listened to his song when my husband who was my fiancée then handed me in a cassette tape of his record. From then on it was an all time favorite in the home.    

Kenny G: The Wedding Song

What a lovely melody. A song of Kenny G that was entitled The Wedding Song because it produces music of tenderness and reverent awed.  If one would play it on her wedding it can invite a solemn ambiance and turn it to be cherished and memorable occasion. Was it any wonder that I preferred it to on my wedding day?

Kenny G: Breathless

Try to close your eyes and listen to this song. How do you feel? Is it calm and lovely melody?  Breathless will surely leave us breathless.  The right pitch and gliding sound brings us to a height of pure relaxation. This music can captivate even the most tense emotion and turn it to be calm and soothing.  I always listen to this relaxing music on night time when things and work are settled and done. What a nice way to unwind and prepare to a beautiful night rest.

Breathless: Audio CD 

Kenny G: Miracle – Holiday Album

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year.  It is the season that Christmas songs are played to invite the Christmas spirit.  It is a time of joy, of sharing and merriment. 

Kenny G. has produced a beautiful rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas played on saxophone. 
When we celebrate this season with our family or friends or perhaps there are those who are far away from their love ones at this time of the year, this lovely little Christmas song will make a big perk of joy when we listen.
Christmas time has always been my favorite and to always have that spirit of Christmas lingers on I have A Merry Little Christmas ringtone to remind me that joy can be felt anytime of the year if we choose to. 

Thank You Kenny G

Thank You Kenny G

A big thanks to Kenny G  for the passion and sheer talent of rendering lovely instrumental music which touches both mind and heart of every listeners. Every piece of song of his music played with his saxophone is a work of art, a pure and genuine blend of beautiful melodies.

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