Smoothies are BAD for YOU.

When fruit and vegetables are juiced; the process releases out all the sugars making them very similar to added sugars, which are very bad for you. These released sugars, in a quickly digestible drink, cause havoc with your organs, kidneys and liver: they get a huge overload in one single blow. Juicing machine manufactures and Smoothie drink retailers are lying – Smoothies are BAD for YOU. Not so INNOCENT Smoothies blast sugar at you!

Reduce sugar intake

People need to wake up to the facts, the facts that the food industry is a business aimed at making profits. So they will use all means to increase sales and profits. They have no conscience. They are not there to help you, they tell lies and hide the dark side of what they do. They put harmful additives into the food they sell: processed factory production line food. They put in chemicals to preserve it, for longer ‘shelf life’. They add Sugar and Salts as they know these are tasty but worse than that these additives are addictive and are harmful to our health.

Over 70% of all processed and pre-packaged food and drinks are full of added none natural sugars; and salts and fats too.

Reduction of sugar is a pre-requisite to good healthy long life.

Sugar is as addictive as class one drugs!

To put addictive substances into food is a dream for a retailer, it sells, and it generates repetitive consumption.

Hidden Sugars: They also obfuscate (hide) the names given to sugars and substitute sweeteners like Fructose / aspartame are even worse; far worse.

We need better food labelling.

But one area that is very popular and promoted for healthy living is JUICING and SMOOTHIE drinking.

Its false advertising (propaganda) that they are creating in the media; magazine, TV and internet promotions:  false facts. Telling people that smashing and crushing fruits and vegetables is a healthy way of reaching the recommended intake for a good and healthy diet.

This is not so.

When you smash and crush and whip fruit and vegetables, the process separates the combined sugars. Such released sugars then become almost exactly the same as ‘added sugars’ just like refined raw sugar!

Constant intake over time of sugar causes obesity and diabetes, heart and kidney disease and probably cancer


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Don’t Crush. Don’t Juice.

Eating vegetables and fruit is healthy. Yes they do contain sugar, but its natural sugar. These natural sugars are connected to the tissues, the fibres of the fruit and veg. Chewing and slowly digesting food allows the body to naturally and slowly break down the food naturally in the digestive system.

Drinking Coca Cola, eating sugary doughnuts, and sweets and chocolate bars and drinking lots of alcohol etc causes obesity, which leads to other morbid conditions.

Eating a healthy diet, keeping away from processed foods, eating in the manner that we evolved to do, until modern times made food into a convenience, is the best way to keep healthy. 

We are lazy. We like quick easy answers, we like convenience, and we are easily addicted to things that are bad for us.

So the food industry can use these things combined with advertising to hoodwink us.

When vegetables and fruits are juiced and made into smoothies the process releases all the sugars all at once freed from the need to be digested; these sugars blast your internal organs just as though you ate twenty spoon-fulls of raw sugar.

SAY NO TO SMOOTHIES – Eat fruit and veg as they are and not smashed to atoms

The best health drink is WATER.

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