Chef Serves Up 6-Foot Sandwich for Friends to Enjoy While Maintaining Social Distance

Chef Ethan Rodgers — SWNS

This savvy English chef has come up with a unique lunch special for people who may be reluctant about returning to work: a ginormous socially-distanced sandwich.

Measuring in at 6.5 feet (2 meters) long, the massive bacon and sausage baguette is now being sold for £20 since it was dreamt into existence by chef Ethan Rodgers earlier this week.

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The “Back to Work Baguette” sandwich was created with the help of a butcher, bakery, deli, and restaurant in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

The sarnie is meant for two people who want to share lunch while still following social distancing guidelines.

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Staff at Corn Hall Deli with the massive sandwich — SWNS

“We have been asked a lot since measures started to ease about sandwiches and take away and we were able to do take away coffees,” said Rodgers. “[But] this is a fun example of what we are doing here.

“The hospitality industry will be the last to reopen, with talk of July, so we have had to diversify,” he added. “We are doing a grocery delivery service for the remote villages, my chef team are making ready meals and pastries that are available from the restaurant and deli every day.”

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Until the social restrictions are actually lifted, Rodgers has been happy to share the “Back to Work Baguette” sandwich with the staffers at Cam Butchers, Halls Bakery, Corn Hall Deli, and MBB Brasserie who made it happen.

Regardless of whether the restaurant’s patrons will actually order the monster sandwich in the future, we’re simply happy to applaud the chef for his creativity.

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Staff at Corn Hall Deli with the massive sandwich — SWNS

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