Church Used Only Kitchen Utensils and Microwave Beeps to Record ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ – With Amazing Results

The Victory Family Church in Norman, Oklahoma used a Zoom call to record “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, using only kitchen appliances, utensils, and voices.

Colten Dean is the church’s audio director and told GNN that members of the congregation regularly get creative with what they call “Jams”, thinking of creative ways to use unconventional instruments to put a song together.

“Usually these would be during our regular church services, but during quarantine we thought it would be fun to find a way to do one while everyone was stuck at home.”

The church’s pastor suggested one idea that most of the team really liked—the idea of using kitchen utensils.

“Many people have been cooking at home a lot more recently… Someone tossed out the song Don’t Worry Be Happy, and it immediately just made sense; I think we really just wanted to do something positive and uplifting for everyone,” says Colten.

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“Once the idea started coming together, we quickly realized that it was just a great representation of all the different people in our community, and how we’re all in this together.”

And, you don’t need to be a cook—or belong to a church—to appreciate their masterful artistry.

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